9 Strange Sports Involving Animals

The world is a mighty strange place, and sport is a big part of it.

Since we at 9Stein HQ have nothing better to do all day than scour the internet and bring you fascinating, entertaining and downright wacky list posts, we stumbled upon nine sports that involve animals and are a little bit barmy to say the least.

Next time you think wrestling midgets is odd…think about this list and consider that little men throwing down in neon mankinis may not be as wacky as you first thought!

9 Strange Sports Involving Animals

Camel Wrestling

Someone’s got the hump! Camel wrestling is a popular past-time in Turkey and a few middle-eastern countries. Just like a lot of fights on a drunken Friday night, a woman is involved – a female camel, who is on heat during the mating season, is used to stir the male camels in confronting each other.

What I don’t know is whether or not the winner gets his booty at the end or not – seems like a raw deal if all he ends up with is a half-eaten carrot.

Dog Surfing

San Diego, California hosts an annual Surf Dog Competition which attracts canines from all over the country. Due to their low centre of gravity and the fact that they have four legs, I think they have a distinct advantage when it comes to riding a wave; however, paddling out to catch the wave is still a ‘work in progress’ for man’s best friend.

Ferret Legging

My first thought is; Why? Actually that’s my only thought. A bunch of coal miners in Yorkshire came up with this amazing game of who could keep a ferret down their trousers the longest. They tape up their trouser bottoms and fasten their waist belts so it truly is a case of no escape, no surrender.

I can only assume that Yorkshire doesn’t have many single lasses available for this sport to become so popular.

Snail Racing

Having been raised in Norfolk, home of the annual World Snail Racing Championships, I’m no stranger to a good old bit of snail racing. Accompanied with a few pints of local cider, this really is an edge of your seat event.

Although, not high speed, snail racing is certainly high tension. The victor is the toast of the village and the losers have to crawl back into their shells. Forget F1, snail racing is where it’s at!

Cricket Spitting

Hey guys, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s get some (usually) dead crickets, put them in our mouths and see who can spit them the furthest. Sounds rather disgustingly odd, but not to entomologist, Tim Turpin, who invented this weird sport.

For anyone interested in taking up this activity, I have heard that the Spotted Camel Cricket is the most aerodynamic and is used by all the top pros.

Cow Fighting

Not sure what old Daisy would think of this but cow fighting is a regular occurence in Switzerland. Thankfully, it is more of pushing contest rather than a full-blown minced beef massacre.

I am wondering if these events are sponsored by MacDonald’s with the crowd chanting, ‘I’m lovin it!’.

As the video shows, the event is slightly more dangerous for bystanders than the beasts themselves.

Ostrich Racing

To me this seems a little cruel, a grown man sitting on the back of a two-legged bird but ostrich racing is extremely popular in several African countries.

Given that ostriches can reach speeds in excess of 40mph and when it full flight (no pun intended) each stride can cover a distance of over 5 metres, this really is quite a terrifying sport.

Insect Fighting

Having lived in Asia for the past 7 years, I thought I would include some local flavour in this list. Insect fighting is alive and well over here, well at least for the winner.

The insects used vary; stag beetles, rhinoceros beetles, grasshoppers, praying mantises and goliath beetles are among the most popular headline performers. Unlike a Floyd Mayweather fight, these little guys really get stuck in to each other and are happy with a fresh green leaf if they are victorious.

Elephant Polo

To most, elephants are these wonderful, gentile-looking creatures who go slowly about their business. However, In Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand you will see a different side to them where elephant polo is a popular sport.

This is one sport in which you don’t want to be tripping over if you are the referee.

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