9 Conspiracy Theories Which Went Mainstream

Got your tinfoil hat at the ready?

Well you should! Because the micro-waves generated from the monitor you are looking at are being used to control your brain from a government controlled, underground computer centre. Oh, and they have all the gold that your money is supposed to be backed by there, too!

In all seriousness, conspiracy theories are mostly wacky, out of the realms of reality nonsense, but every once in a while…every…once…in a…while…a conspiracy theory actually causes rational individuals to begin to wonder if something DID happen.

Here are 9 often touted conspiracy theories. Enjoy.

9 Conspiracy Theories Which Went Mainstream

The Moon Landings Hoax

Funny shadows? Out of place props? A flag blowing in the wind where there is no wind? Some of the many reasons moon landing conspiracy theorists believe that the whole thing was shot on a movie set in Nevada by high level CIA operatives in a big to bankrupt the Soviet Union.

Despite having multiple logical explanations for each point a conspiracy theorist brings up, this theory has persisted and had made it into the mainstream in recent time on shows like Jesse Ventura’s imaginatively named show “Conspiracy Theory“.

Did Buzz and the boys go to the moon or where they all living in 5-Star caravans in the Nevada desert the whole time? I guess only they know. If it is true, however, I want my money back for the moon dust I bought on e-bay!

Obama is NOT an American!

There are various conspiracy theories making the rounds about the leader of the free world, from his alleged membership of the Muslim Brotherhood to his secret homosexuality to the theory that he runs an elaborate pot farm on the Whitehouse grounds, but the most infamous of all is that he is not actually an American.

Donald Trump is perhaps the most well-known “birther”, which is the name given for those who claim Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, but there are legions of them and they are sure that the birth certificate he ended up producing to prove otherwise was all part of the plot (as it always is).

Is Obama a secret African? Well, it doesn’t really make a difference because love him or hate him he has caused an economic boom, ended two silly wars, tried to do something about climate change and said openly that being able to buy an M16 assault rifle at Walmart is not good policy. Not bad.

HIV is a Government Experiment Gone Wrong

Now, every once in a while, there is a conspiracy theory which has a strange series of coincidences surrounding it which lend legitimacy to it. The fact that the AIDS epidemic epi-centre was the very same place that a control group of homosexual males received vaccines just a few years earlier has many suspecting that the HIV/AIDS virus was in fact deliberately created to try to exterminate the homosexual population.

Of course, those pesky government officials forgot that some men swing both ways, share needles with straight folk and so cause the virus to jump into the straight population, too.

It is interesting that nobody really can trace and explain where the virus came from adequately nor why it so suddenly burst onto the scene in the 70’s and 80’s. Anyway, nothing to see here, move along…..

Area 51 Coverup

Ever gone out and looked at the vast night sky and thought “We can’t be alone”? I have. There’s nothing wrong with deducing from the fact that there are a vast number of stars out there, all of which have planets orbiting them, that at least at some point some form of life has probably occurred on one of them. That’s actually a rational position to take.

However, there are some who claim that not only do aliens exist, but they are here. An unexplained crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and a subsequent massive cover-up (there actually was a large-scale cover-up of SOMETHING) has had alien enthusiasts ever since claiming that it was a UFO crash landing.

People have gone to great lengths to find out the truth and some questions have never been fully answered or addressed. Nobody really knows what happened that day in 1947, but a likely explanation is that an experimental military craft crashed and the cover-up was to stop the technology from getting into the wrong hands.

At least that’s what they want you to believe 😉 Muhuhuhuhahahaha!

NWO World Domination

There are various NWO world domination conspiracy theories. They all revolve around one central theory: there is a secret hidden government behind the scenes pulling the strings and controlling world affairs and they are hell-bent on absolute, total, world domination.

The various theories range in scope and levels of intensity. There are some who believe the aristocrats are just greedy charlatans who want to steal taxes and live the high life while at the other end of the spectrum there are those who believe they are genocidal maniacs who are going to attempt to destroy the vast majority of humanity.

Of course if you actually pause to think about how difficult it is to get two politicians to agree on even one single budget proposal let alone an entire and intricate agenda to control the entire world and keep it hidden from the public, overcoming all language barriers, all social and cultural conditioning and all separate power agendas in the process, you will realize it is pretty unlikely.

Then again, maybe all of that dis-function and disagreement is them causing us to behave that way in a classic game of divide and conquer. Damnit you just can’t win with these elites!

HAARP Controls the Weather

There is actually a group of people out there who believe, with all sincerity, that a government which has yet to master the simple task of balancing a check-book has developed technology advanced enough to secretly control and weaponize the weather.

There are various theories surrounding weather control from “chemtrails” being released into the sky to cause rain and cancer and other things, to an actual full-tilt facility hidden in the woods of Alaska which can be used to create storms, hurricanes, tsunamis and more.

It has yet to be explained why the weather always seems to hit the good old USA and its various allies and not any of its enemies. Let’s just pretend that doesn’t happen though and go with the fun! *9Stein is a government shill*

Elvis Alive & Tupac in Cuba

There are shedloads of tears when a great and talented singer or actor dies, and rightly so. If you’ve grown up listening to a certain musician he or she is probably a big part of your life in ways you don’t realize until they are gone. A part of you dies when they do, and so the grief can actually be pretty intense.

There are various conspiracy theories surrounding celebrities faking their own deaths to escape from the trappings of fame, but the two most famous are those of Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur.

Presley died of a heart attack in a toilet in Las Vegas with enough drugs in his system to sedate a small village and Shakur was gunned down gangland style in the very same city.

Despite these two facts there are legions who believe the Shakur is currently toasting it up in Cuba and will someday make a comeback, whereas there are people who have claimed to have actually seen Elvis in the flesh long after he supposedly passed.

Grief can be a powerful thing, and denial is not just a river!

9/11 2001 False Flag Attacks

9/11 2001 was a day I will never forget, but I would very much like to erase from my memory forever. Witnessing human beings jump to their deaths from hundreds of floors up is still to this day one of the most horrific things I have ever witnessed, and I hope for all of our sakes nothing like it ever happens again.

Yet there are those who simply do not accept that it went down the way the government say. 9/11 truthers are certain that the official story is a big, steaming pile of garbage and that there is a lot more to the theory than meets the eye. There are, again, many different theories about what actually happened from “the government did it to justify invading the Middle East” to ‘It never happened, it was all CGI”.

The second can easily be refuted be actually taking note of the New York skyline and seeing that there are two very large structures missing, but the other theories are not so easily dismissed despite legions of experts coming out and declaring that the various conspiracy theories have massive holes in them, too.

If you go to Youtube and type in “9/11 inside job” you will have hours and hours of documentaries to watch. Just bring a lot of pocorn, because there are a LOT of documentaries, and don’t expect to leave with your sanity in tact unless you have an extremely strong and critically thinking mind.

They wouldn’t…would they?

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

There is nobody alive who doubts that JFK was assassinated in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. There’s even a film called the Zapruder Film which you can view for yourself that shows the man grasping his neck as he bleeds out before before a second bullet removes a sizable portion of his skull.

When it comes to Who Dunnit, however, conspiracy theories abound.

The official story is that Lee Harvey Oswald, a lone nut and communist sympathizer carried out the assassination despite the sheer impossibility of the ballistics report. There is no doubt in any sane persons mind that in this case, something stinks to high heaven and the official story is absolute hogwash.

Oswald may have been involved or he may have been a patsy, we will never know, but someone out there knows who killed JFK and knows why, yet has never come forward.

Are the secrets of JFK’s assassination buried deep in some government vault? Does anybody still living actually know what happened? Will we ever find out the truth?

It’s unlikely, but whatever the truth is, this is the one conspiracy theory among them all that holds actual, stone cold proof that the official story is false.

And that begs the question….if they could lie about one thing so big……?

I think you know the answer to that question. Sleep tight 😉


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