9 Bizarre World Records You Wouldn’t Want to Hold

Most people would be proud to say they held a world record!

Well…not always!

There are some world records that are utterly bizarre and while digging around in the freakier neighbourhoods of the web we at 9Stein found a few of them.

You wouldn’t necessarily want to find yourself being recognized for any of those achievements. Nonetheless, a record holder is a record holder and they deserve to be in the limelight.

9 Bizarre World Records You Wouldn’t Want to Hold

Largest Natural Breasts

Calling Annie Hawkins (aka Norma Stitz) big tits is more than a slight insult, these beauties are massive, hence her other name – Norma Stitz.

At an incredible over the nipple measurement of 177.8 cms, Annie sports an impressive US 52I bra size, which unsurprisingly is not stocked at your local Primark outlet.

She was awarded the world record in 2000 and she said, “It made me feel like a million bucks. It’s such an honour. This will go down in history. It’s something I will always cherish.”

Longest Nose on a Living Person

“Oi, stop sticking you nose in where it’s not wanted, pal!”

“I can’t bloody help it when it’s this size.”

I wonder how many times Mehmet Ozyurek has heard that one. At 8.8 cms from bridge to tip, he holds the world record for the longest nose.

This is one chap you don’t want to be standing in front of if he decides to sneeze.

Largest Penis

No pun intended, but this is one record I certainly wouldn’t want to hold – literally! Mexican, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera lugs around an 18.9 inch cock which tops the scales at just over 2 pounds.

But, after being x-rayed, doctors are reported to have said that 13 inches are just excess skin, which sounds grotesque and disgusting to me.

Sadly, for Roberto having such a beast of a tool has not been a blessing; he claims it has ruined relationships and caused him to lose jobs – resulting in him leading a lonely life and having to beg for food.

So chaps, next time you wish that yours was a bit bigger, spare a thought for “Big Bobby”.

Most Condoms Sucked Through the Nose

Why the hell would anyone try this? And, how does a person find out they have this hidden talent (if we can call it that)?

Although, I don’t know the answers to the above questions, Ryan Stock does. He successfully managed to inhale 3 condoms (at the same time) through his right nostril and pull them out of his mouth.

Ryan is very proud of his record and has said if anyone wants to attempt 4 he will step it up a notch and try 5. If you are interested in taking up that challenge, leave us a comment and we’ll try and contact Ryan for you.

Largest Waist

What a waist!

Walter Hudson holds the world record for the largest waist at staggering 3.02 metres which he set in 1987 when he was at his peak weight of 1,197 pounds.

Hudson became somewhat of a celebrity after becoming wedged in his bathroom door and having to be rescued by the fire department – it took 9 men to free him and get him safely back to his reinforced bed.

This led him to begin a strict dieting program in which he lost over 800 pounds but unfortunately be started eating again and shot back up over the 1,000 pound mark and then soon after died of a heart attack.

Longest Beard on a Woman

This is one record I wouldn’t want to hold or touch.

Vivian Wheeler sports a mighty 10.04 inch beard which is something a lot of men would struggle to achieve, myself included.

One must question why she doesn’t just take the Bic to it but she seems quite happy to be the world record holder so the choice is hers I say.

Most Snails of a Face

I must admit, I’ve never been to Utah, it may well be a cracking place; however, if all the people in that part of the U.S. are as odd as Fin Keheler, then perhaps I’ll give it a miss.

Fin, aged 11, set the world record for having the most live snails of face with a splendid total of 43.

Even though I will not be rushing out in to the garden to try to beat Fin, I am sure that someone, somewhere is gearing to smash this one.

Most Surgical Needle Piercings at one time

If you have a spare 8 hours 12 minutes and happen to have 4,550 surgical needles in the first aid drawer, then why not try what Canadian Matthew Menczyk did?

Another one in the bizarre column for me, followed by a very loud, WHY?

Longest Fingernails on a pair of hands (male)

Have you ever had an itch on back that you just can’t quite get to? Melvin Boothe of the USA had no such problems. His fingernails measured a combined length of 9.85 metres – that’s over 32 feet! He set the record in May 2009 and unfortunately passed away 7 months later.

I am thinking, what job would a person be able to do with such long nails? Obviously being a typist is out of the question. If you have any suggestions, throw us a comment at the bottom.


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