9 Bloodthirsty Dictators Who Ravaged History

Every once in a while a psychopath pops up in everyday society who does a lot of damage and alters lives permanently before finally being brought to justice.

On even rarer occasions these bloodthirsty maniacs come to be in power and rule their nations with an iron fist, killing tens of thousands or perhaps millions. The scary thing about this type of psychopath is that they are rarely brought to justice because they have the full power of the state behind them or are killed in an epic battle to hold onto power.

In this list post we at 9Stein have dipped into out extensive history library full of leather-bound first volumes and uncovered some of the sickest, most deranged bastards who ever lived. We’ve laid them bare here so that their crimes against humanity will not be forgotten by the internet generation.

Are you ready to take a walk through the darkest shadows of human history?

9 Bloodthirsty Dictators Who Ravaged History

Kim Il-Sung

What do you do when your people begin to revolt against your tyrannical rule?

For most sane people the answer would be step down and let the people decide their own fate. For a power crazed maniac like Kim Il-Sung, dictator of North Korea between 1948-1994, the answer was to murder 1,2 million of them and blame it on the USA.

Calling himself the “Eternal Leader” Kim Il-Sung did lead the DPRK until his death in 1994, but during the time of his rule he managed to set up an insane cult which continues unabated to this day in which he was the ultimate ruler, the supreme lord, and anyone who disagreed with him should face immediate detainment, torture and death.

Since the death of Kim-Il Sun his son and grandson have continued his reign of terror upon the North Korean people. It is unclear when this madness will come to and end but when it does they likely will not go quietly into the night.

Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe came to power in what is now Zimbabwe in 1980 after leading a successful rebellion against “white minority rule”. Again a man who was a supposed liberator of his people turned once in power and brought about a reign of brutal and terrifying rule which made those he had liberated them from look like choirboys by comparison.

Mugabe has since set about silencing, through brutal torture and murder, anyone who has opposed his rule. Naturally there have been many since he has taken what was once one of the the most prosperous nations in Africa and led it to utter economic and political ruin, killing tens of millions of people in the process.

Mugabe is unique on this list of bloodthirsty dictators in that he is the only one of the nine mentioned who is still alive and kicking. At 93 years old he is beginning to show signs of stepping down, but we guess he’ll hang on for another while yet. After all there’s nothing a dictator loves more than the thing he has murdered millions for: to stay in power!

King Leopold II

The King of Belgium was good to his people…at least at home. The problem was that he was an absolutely atrocious asshole to those who lived in the Belgian Congo where he basically enslaved and killed over 10 million people through a program of ruthless economic exploitation and financial servitude in which if they did not produce, they died.

What Leopald II did is not as well-known as what some of the other dictators in history but as more is learned the information is becoming more widespread. Reports that officers would cut off the hands and/or feet of slaves and set them loose in the Congolese jungle for not producing enough rubber are just one example of the type of sadistic stuff these horrible people got up to.

Imagine a semi-legal state in an ungoverned area where there is absolutely no oversight and where a ruthless king sits on a throne housands of miles away demanding you produce wealth for his nation or he will amputate your feet and hands as punishment, and does so regularly to your peers who do not perform as desired, and you have a pretty good idea of the living hell that the people of the Congo Free State aka the Belgian Congo endured.

Idi Amin Dada

If you’ve seen “The Last King of Scotland” you will already be familiar with the character of Idi Amin Dada.

Uganda’s third president decided he did not want there to be a fourth and declared himself sovereign ruler of the nation, torturing and massacring anyone who disagreed.

Amin was known for his erratic and unstable behaviour some of which included writing a proposal to Princess Anne and regular purges of people he suspected of being enemies, many of whom were his most ardent supporters.

Amin died in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2003 after a long and comfortable exile. He never faced justice for his crimes against the people of Uganda.

Saddam Hussein

Virtually everyone saw the footage of the mighty dictator of Iraq dragged from his hiding place in an underground bunker and marched to face justice in front of the world. The ruthless, blood-thirsty Saddam Hussein had ruled over Iraq with an iron fist for decades before over-stepping his mark and inviting an invasion by the USA in 2003.

Hussein brutally oppressed, tortured and murdered virtually anyone who stood in his way and let his sons run wild, treating Iraq like their own personal playground where they could rape, steal and kill at will.

Hussein faced the death penalty and was hung on September 30th 2006 after a long and drawn out trial in an Iraqi court in which he ranted, raved and displayed various signs of madness such as telling the judge not to even speak his name as he was not worthy of letting it grace his tongue.

Hussein faced his death with the dignity he denied his people and refused to back down to the bitter end. Iraq has since descended into utter and absolute chaos and is on the verge of breaking into several states.

Pol Pot

Pol Pot was a communist revolutionary who rose to power in Cambodia after leading a successful campaign against the ruling elite of the country. He ruled the nation between 1975 and 1979, a four-year reign in which 1.5 million Cambodians , or approximately 1/5 of the population, died. Of the 20,000 detained in the infamous S-21 detention centre only 7 are known to have survived.

Pot brought massive disruption to the country by killing off anyone deemed to be bourgeoisie, which you could be guilty of for having an education or wearing glasses, and attempting to have every single Cambodian work as a farmer. Millions died from the starvation, exhaustion and disease which followed.

Pol Pot died in 1998 in his sleep after a long and drawn out battle against occupying Vietnamese forces and a continued political struggle in which he and his Khmer Rouge party became increasingly marginalized and insignificant. He had been under house arrest since 1997.

Mao Zedong

In yet another zealous attempt to liberate his people from their oppressors a brutal dictator arose who would take them on a ride through hell the likes of which they had never seen.

Mao Zedong was another communist revolutionary who came to power in China after leading a successful campaign against the ruling class. He then set about systematically stripping the Chinese people of their basic human rights, detaining and torturing anyone who revolted or objected to his policies, occupying and almost exterminating the native peoples of several neighbouring countries and starving millions to death in famines brought about by his agricultural reform policies.

Chairman Mao was without a doubt one of the sickest human beings in the history of the world. After successfully subduing the entire population of China through sheer terror and fear he died in 1976 and was laid to rest in Beijing, China.

To this day the communist party reigns supreme in China although significant reforms have been made.

Adolf Hitler

Few people the world over do not know who Adolf Hitler is. The demonic German dictator responsible for kicking off the single largest war in the history of humankind and murdering over 6 million people in concentration camps just because he didn’t like their race is something that has been studied extensively since.

Hitler was born at a time when the Austro-Hungarian empire still stood strong and he firmly believed that the Jewish people and communists had worked to undermine it from within and cause its surrender in World War 1. Hitler fought alongside his fellow Germans in the trenches and stated clearly in Mein Kampf that he believed the war was far from lost when Germany surrendered and agreed to pay colossal reparations to the nations it had fought against.

Hitler spent the rest of his life plotting then executing his revenge against those who he believed to be his enemies including Jews, gypsies, the disabled and anyone who stood in the way of his maniacal vision for an all-powerful Germany and a pure-blooded Arian race.

Jeez…If only they had let him into art school!

Josef Stalin

Josef “Man of steel” Stalin was the brutal dictator of the Soviet Union. Rising to power after the death of Vladimir Lenin after they successfully fought a revolution against the Romanov Dynasty to win liberation and equality for the working class people of Russia, Stalin set about systematically oppressing these comrades he had fought to set free.

Stalin was quite possibly a delusional schizophrenic who had regular psychotic episodes in which he believed even his closest allies were out to assassinate him. It is said he had one man killed if he even suspected him of betrayal, then had the assassin killed, and his assassin killed, ad infinitum.

Between his oppression of free  speech, the mass murder of political dissenters and the starvation of more than 10 million of his countrymen through his ridiculous economic policies, Josef Stalin may just be the single most prolific serial killer in all of history.

So much for a man who believed in his people’s right so strongly he risked his life to fight for them. Perhaps it is true what they say after all – ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.


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