9 Cracking World Cup Goals

Some of the greatest sporting moments in history have happened during what is arguably the biggest sporting event on the planet – the football world cup, or for you Yanks reading, the “Soccer” world cup.

Which is the best goal ever scored, however?

We could go on for hours about this player and that goal, this goal and that player, but at the end of the day everyone will come up with a different answer anyway and if there’s enough Chelsea fans in the debate, will probably end in violence.

We’ve put this list together in reverse order. It’s 9-1, rather than our standard 1-9.

Here is a list post of the:

9 Greatest World Cup Goals Ever Scored

(9) Belanov- Soviet Union vs Belgium, 1986

Let’s kick things off with a screamer from Igor Belanov (pun intended).


(8) Van Persie – Netherlands vs Spain, 2014

Probably one of the best headers you’ll ever see!


(7) Josimar – Brazil vs Northern Ireland, 1986

A tracer bullet strike from the Brazilian right back. Pick the bones out of that one!


(6) Bergkamp – Netherlands vs Argentina, 1998

Another Dutch master makes the list. This is Dennis Bergkamp’s wonder goal against Argentina. Check out his control with that first touch – Sublime!


(5) Baggio – Italy vs Czechoslovakia, 1990

A wonderful solo goal from 90’s pin-up boy Roberto Baggio


(4) Maradona – Argentina vs England, 1986

England fans close your eyes now. A game tainted by the “Hand of God”, but this one was a top-top drawer.


(3) Gemmill – Scotland vs Netherlands, 1978

Quite possibly the most famous goal in Scottish football history. Worth a place on any list. Archie Gemmill – National treasure!


(2) Alberto – Brazil vs Italy, 1970

One of the most stunning team goals in the history of the game, and to do it in the world cup final – just cheeky! Magnificent!


(1) Hurst – England vs West Germany, 1966

No list would be complete without, in our opinion, the greatest goal ever scored in a world cup!

And so there we have it, NineSteins list of World Cup Greatest Goals. Which was your favourite?


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