9 Scariest Drugs on the Planet

Everybody likes to get a little buzz on, right?

Whether it’s a few cold beers after a long, hot day, a lift in the morning after a warm cup of morning Joe, or kicking back with a cigarette on lunch break, we’re all getting high in one way or another.

Others take the quest for new feelings further still and go into the world of illicit and illegal drugs to get a hit. While cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy are some of the best-known drugs and are widely used, in recent times there have been a whole host of new drugs which are outright terrifying and make you wonder “Why the bejesus would someone take that?”

Are you ready to explore the terrifying underbelly of some of the world’s scariest ways people get high?

Here at NineStein we love to record the weird and the wonderful. So, it is with trepidation and some degree of “WTF” that we bring you….

9 Scariest Drugs on the Planet

PCP – Medicine Gone Wrong


Aaaahhhh doctors, they really do have the best of intentions. Developing drugs to help their fellow man is a noble pursuit, but every once in a while even the braniacs in the world of medicine get it wrong, and develop a Frankendrug, which is the case with PCP.

Originally designed to treat depression, PCP was taken off the market when it was noticed that housewives and users all over the world were going batshit crazy after using it.

Of course, the illicit drug market spotted a golden opportunity. “People pay vast quantities of money to get into batshit crazy states of mind every day” we imagine one drug lord said to his men, and so PCP hit the streets with a bang.

The scariest thing of all about PCP is that it turns users into a mini version of the Incredible Hulk. PCP is thought to be one of the main reasons why cops across the USA started carrying tasers since they had literally no way to stop PCP addicts in their tracks due to the incredible strength PCP users have during a trip.

Everything from self-mutilation to someone cutting open another man’s chest and eating his lungs have been reported as PCP-related incidents.

Yeah……I think we all know this is something we don’t need to try. Thankfully, PCP use is on the decline and we can hope it will soon be forgotten altogether.

Bath Salts – Yeah…NO!


What kind of drug causes a homeless, hungry man to think “I know, that guy’s face looks rather appetizing, I think I’ll make a meal out of it”. Only bath salts!

This terrifying drug used to be sold legally in shops and service stations all over America and in plenty of other destinations. It is something like speed in that it promotes wakefulness and stimulates the nervous system.

The only problem with that is that it causes psychotic episodes that include beating your best friends to death, attacking armed and trained police officers, shooting your wife and children and jumping out of top floor windows under the illusion that you are invincible.

Speaking of invincibility….I’m taking a two-minute break to have a double espresso. Hang tight!

Krokodil – Become a Reptile in One Step


Heroin is one of the vilest, most life-destroying drugs on the planet. Anyone who has ever witnessed a person overdose from this lethal substance knows the havoc it can wreak on once bright and cheerful individual’s souls, and how many lives a single dose can destroy.

Heroin has been taken to a whole new level in recent times, however, in the form of Krokodil, a synthetic version which eats the human skin alive from the inside out and turn it scaly like a crocodile.

A combination of codeine (easily bought over the counter), paint thinners and phosphorous (yes, like what you strike your matches off to get them to light), Krokodil is a terrifying home-made high which only the most desperate addicts would try.

While primarily contained to Russia and its hinterlands, there have been growing reports of Krokodil at large in the USA and Europe. Leaving the human skin literally reptilian and even eating it down to the bone in some cases, there’s nothing we can say about Krokodil except:


For a more extensive documentary on Krokodil, watch this Vice piece:

Be prepared to be disturbed. This video is owned by Vice, and we give full props to them for a phenomenal expose of the world’s deadliest drugs.

The Devil’s Breath – Control Central


Have you ever thought “If only I could snap my fingers and have anybody, literally, do anything I want on my command?”

Well, you little Hitler in the making, now you can. You can’t click your fingers, but you can travel to Colombia, obtain a relatively easy to get bag of dust made from a fruit which grows on trees, and blow it into the face of your would-be-slave.

They will then become all yours for approximately one whole night (or day). Reports of tourists who have been spiked with this stuff include emptying their bank accounts upon command, engaging in sexually risky or disloyal behaviour (remember they can’t say no), and doing all manner of crazy, illegal things which later got them arrested and locked up.

Of course, you’ll have to weigh all of this up with the potential to outright kill someone, and have to live with that for the rest of your life. The Devil’s Breath didn’t get that name for no reason, and multiple fatalities have occurred as a result of overdose.

We recommend just talking to the person and asking them nicely to do you a solid. You’ll save on the airfare and you won’t have to look at yourself in the mirror every day and know you killed an innocent person.

As rapper Immortal Technique said “When the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never, cause a dance with the devil might last forever”.

Nutmeg – Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Nutmeg is sold in literally every grocery store across the planet, and is used in baked goods by housewives across the nation who don’t know their delicious buns and scones contain small amounts of an extremely potent and powerful hallucinogenic.

We at NineStein have a confession to make: We once fell victim to Nutmeg, unbeknownst of its effects, and spent the afternoon on the sofa seeing all the colours of the rainbow every split second and wondering if we had passed over into the afterlife.

While Nutmeg is physically harmless and won’t leave you with any long-term damage, consuming too much of it is absolutely terrifying precisely because it will catch you off guard and send you into altered states you can’t imagine until you experience them first hand.

Sprinkle a little nutmeg on your buns, but be careful not to overdo it or you’ll be joining us on a wild and unexpected rollercoaster through rainbow coloured hell.

‘Nuff Said.

GHB – Blackout


GBH is what’s known as a club drug. It’s a downer but users report some quite attractive experiences including euphoria, increased sex drive and less social anxiety… until they pass out on the floor, and if they are women, are often raped or taken advantage of sexually.

Also called “Date Rape”, GHB is often slipped into alcoholic beverages, although it has no actual taste, smell or color of its own. This is what makes it so terrifying. You can ingest it, and not even know you’ve fallen victim to it before it’s too late.

GHB does not only incapacitate its victims, but also causes amnesia. You may not even remember what has happened to you, and will wake up believing you just had too much to drink and blacked out.

Too strong a dose of GHB can also leave a victim in a coma, never to wake up again.

This is another case of medicine gone wrong, since GHB was initially developed as a cure for insomnia.

Errr…OK. Moving on.

Smiles – Smile, You’re F***ed!


Back in the ’60’s pioneers of consciousness used magic mushrooms and LSD to explore the outer realms of their minds and spiritually awaken from the material slumber into which they had fallen. So they claimed.

Like all things back then, there was an air of innocence and genuine curiosity about the whole thing. People weren’t doing these drugs just to get messed up, but to actually try to cause humanity to make progress and cause social change.

Like all good things, that era came to an end and gave way to the hardcore edginess of the ’70s. Drugs got harder, Rock got harder, and so did people.

Fast forward to today and the trend toward “harder” seems only to have accelerated. Smiles is a synthetic hallucinogen which sends users on a trip that actually lasts for DAYS.

While acid and mushrooms can send you to wonderland for 7-8 hours, Smiles can send you to the border of beyond for an entire working week, in high enough doses.

Vomiting, anxiety, panic attacks, terror and fear are just some of the negative side effects of Smiles.

How does a bad trip sound that you can’t get out of for several days straight sound?

We thought so! Stay the hell away from Smiles, and if you must go to another dimension to see if consciousness is based on matter or matter based on consciousness, try something more natural like psilocybin instead.

Flakka – UM, NO!

What does the DEA do when it begins to hear of cases of people who are extremely energetic and alive one minute, descending into schizoid paranoia and screaming at passersby in episodes of psychotic delusion the next?

They look for the drug behind it, duh!

In recent times the DEA has uncovered a Flakka explosion across the USA. The synthetic drug (origins unknown) is a cross between cocaine and meth, and can be ingested via smoking, swallowing, snorting or injecting.

Designed as a rushy, speed-like drug, Flakka has been known to cause aggressive behaviour, violence, seizures and death.

We’ll stick with the Red Bull here in the Ninestein office. We recommend you do the same.

DMT – A Portal to Another Dimension

We included this on the list of “Scary” drugs because while not harmful to human health and 100% natural in origins, it can induce utterly terrifying and life-altering visions which some people never recover from.

While some people claim DMT, which is smoked for an instant trip to another dimension, has made them see beautiful visions and communicate with other-worldly beings, often coming away with life insights and as better people, others have encountered demonic beings and spirits they have not been able to shake upon returning, and felt fear and anxiety which seemed to last for days, even though a DMT trip itself only lasts around 10 minutes by linear time.

If you read online, you’d think DMT was some sort of magical portal giving you a glimpse into the afterlife, however, if you’re going to try DMT, exercise extreme caution as there are just as many cases of people who have flipped their lids as a result of using it as there are corporate executives hell bent on world domination who became soft-spoken environmentalists and moved to the foothills of Morocco to enjoy some of the good life.

A lot of hallucinogens depends on the personality of the user. If you have issues, you might want to give DMT a miss.

Scary Drugs Summary

So there you have it, a list of drugs nobody under any circumstances needs to try. These are the scariest drugs in the world, and while getting a little buzz on is only human, we at Ninestein recommend you stick with the Budweiser and if you absolutely MUST…a cheeky special brownie.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list. If you did, kindly take a moment to share it and let others do the same!


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