9 People Who Would Rather Forget 2015 Ever Happened

Have you ever clawed your way into bed at night, beat up and bummed out from the day and thought, “Man, I’d like to forget that day!”

We’ve all been there. However, the folks on this list probably clawed their way across the finish line of 2015 and felt exactly the same way about their entire year as you or I feel about a bad day!

For these folks, 2015 absolutely sucked. Enjoy this list post which will make you feel entirely better about your year.

9 People Who 2015 Sucked For

Walter Palmer


Oh shit! What have I done? We at NineStein imagine those words, or some very similar ones, to have been uttered by Walter Palmer once he realised that the lion he had shot was in fact Cecil, the most well-known big cat in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

This story was picked up by the world’s media and within a few days, Walter Palmer, a dentist from the US, had become a household name – for all the wrong reasons.

Facebook groups and Twitter accounts were instantly set up to name and shame Mr Palmer and his dental clinic. Protests, threats and acts of vandalism soon followed which forced Walter in to hiding. His family, friends and staff at his clinic were also subjected to varying degrees of threatening behaviour. Not only had Mr Palmer’s life been totally turned upside down but also those people around him had theirs screwed as well.

All-in-all, 2015 was probably the worst year of Walter’s life – but at least he can wish for a better 2016 – until the poor Cecil who won’t get that same luxury.

Martin Shkreli


At the beginning of 2015, I like many others had never heard of Martin Shkreli but all that was about to change. Mr Shkreli is an entrepreneur and financial and pharmaceutical executive. He started 2015 as the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, and as the CEO of Turing he authorised the purchase for obtaining the manufacturing licence for the HIV drug Daraprim. Okay, nothing special there, these deals happen every day.

It was the next step which Shkreli and Turing took that put him firmly on our list. Turing decided to raise the price of Daraprim by over 5,000% – it shot up from $13.50 to $750 per tablet. This huge increase didn’t sit well with the general public and Shkreli was soon labelled ‘the most hated man in the US’. Everyone, from social media users, journalists and even US presidential candidates joined in bashing Shkreli for what was deemed an extremely callous act.

Things got worse for Martin in December when he was arrested following a federal indictment by the FBI for running a Ponzi-like scheme during his time with MSMB Capital Management. This led to him resigning as CEO of Turing and capping off a year I’m sure he would like to forget.

Francois Hollande


Just 7 days into 2015 and the French PM had to deal with the tragic events surrounding the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, in which 12 people were killed and another 12 injured.

This prompted to Hollande and France to raise its Vigipirate terror alert and soldiers were deployed in certain areas to assist where required. The brothers, who were responsible for the attack, were shot dead by armed police 2 days later. Then on the 11th of January, 2 million people, including several world leaders, met in Paris for a rally of national unity. From a very dark event, a wonderful ray of light for the future seemed to have come from it.

Unfortunately for Francois Hollande, the Charlie Hebdo attack was to be overshadowed by the utterly horrific November 13th Paris attacks. Terrorists killed 130 people in a series of planned, coordinated attacks around the city.

A week later, Islamic militants took 170 hostages and killed 20 of them in a mass shooting at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, the capital of Mali. Many believe this attack was aimed at Hollande for sending troops into Mali in 2013 in an effort to curb the jihadist militants in the area.

Everyone here at NineStein hopes and prays that Mr Hollande and all other world leaders don’t have another year like the one just gone.

Ronda Rousey


12 months ago, it was believed Ronda Rousey could walk on water. She was the biggest star in women’s MMA and her pay-per-views at UFC events were hovering around the million buys mark. She was fast becoming the face of the UFC and the hottest ticket in town.

Her success led to acting parts in the global blockbuster – Furious 7 and other Hollywood films such as Entourage. Inside the ring, she continued her total domination, in February 2015 she defeated Cat Zingano in a mere 14 seconds and didn’t take too much longer (34 seconds) in dispatching Bethe Correia in August. Some people were even calling for her to be allowed to fight against men because she was just ‘unbeatable’.

Rousey had become a global superstar. She had the X factor. What could go wrong?

Holly Holm, that’s what!

On November 15th 2015, Rousey squared up with Holm to headline UFC 193. Many believed the Rousey hype and that this was to be another quick and easy walk in the park for the ‘rowdy’ one. Think again, Holm, a champion boxer, absolutely destroyed Rousey and a brutal kick to the head in the second round left Ronda not knowing where she was or how she got there.

The lady who we thought was unbeatable, had just been given a hiding. Dana White, head of the UFC, probably nearly choked on his peanut nibbles seeing his top star (and biggest meal ticket) laying on the canvas looking like she had just been run over by an HGV truck.

The ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey star certainly dimmed considerably towards the end of 2015 which is why she makes our list. Perhaps, she will come back in 2016 and prove to everyone that she is a top champion; however, many NineSteiners believe that 2015 was the beginning …. of the end for RR.

Martin Winterkom


If only I had a time machine! Well, sadly you don’t Mr Winterkom. As CEO of the Volkswagen Group – the largest car manufacturing company in the world – Mr Winterkom became known to people on every continent for what has been dubbed the ‘Great VW Emissions Rigging Scandal’.

It was discovered that the German car maker had intentionally programmed their diesel-engined cars to emit lower emissions when under laboratory testing conditions than they would do in everyday usage on the roads.

The scandal which started in America soon spread to Europe and Asia with VW admitting that some 11 million vehicles around the world had been programmed in such a way. Mr Winterkom was forced to resign immediately but the damage had been done. Volkswagen are now spending billions on recalling these cars to fix the issue and just last week they reported a 3.5 billion euro loss – its first quarterly loss in more than 15 years.

NineStein has a feeling that this isn’t the end of this story with law suits being filed in multiple countries – someone’s head is on the block and it could well be poor old Martin’s. 2015 was an absolute disaster for Mr Winterkom but will 2016 be much better?

Bill Cosby


Do you remember watching the Cosby Show as a kid? We certainly do. What a loveable guy old Bill was – or so we thought!

2015 opened our eyes to the real Bill Cosby and to be quite frank – it’s not a pretty sight!

Cosby was accused by more than 50 women of either rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct spanning more than 5 decades (1965 – 2008) and on the 30th of December 2015 a warrant was issued for his arrest by Pennsylvania prosecutors based upon accusations by Ms Andrea Constand.

Just like Martin Winterkom above, 2015 wasn’t a highlight year for Bill but 2016 is sure to see him face some even rougher waters.

We cannot judge on whether Cosby is innocent or guilty – that is for the courts to decide but if found guilty, we can only hope that they lock the sick bastard up and throw away the key.

Bill Murray


Another Bill who is glad 2015 is over is Bill Murray after starring in the year’s biggest box office turkey with his film ‘Rock the Kasbah’.

Released on the 23rd of October, original projections were that the film would aim to gross $6 million in its opening weekend after being screened in 2,000+ cinemas across America. However, it only took $75,000 during its Thursday preview sessions and it finished the weekend by only grossing $1.5 million nationwide (compare that to $248 million taken by the recently released Star Wars film and we can see a slight difference).

Better luck in 2016 Bill.

Sepp Blatter


Old Sepp, and he is old, has had a few rough years of late but 2015 surely was the icing on a not-very-tasty cake.

May saw several former and current FIFA officials indicted by the US government for bribery and money laundering. Although, Blatter wasn’t personally named among them, him being the head of FIFA had to take some responsibility for these shady goings on under his nose.

On June 2nd, Blatter appeared to offer his resignation in the wake of these latest corruption cases and he called an election as soon as possible to find his successor. He told the world that he would remain in office until such date. However, by the end of the month, Blatter was singing a different tune and he was quoted as saying, “I have not resigned, I put my mandate in the hands of an extraordinary congress.”

All rather confusing but the end result being, Blatter was still head of FIFA.

He might have thought that things can’t get much worse, but then in September it came to light that Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini were under investigation by Swiss officials for illegal payments given to Platini by Blatter. This led to FIFA’s largest sponsors Coca-Cola, Visa, McDonalds and Budweiser issuing statements calling for him to resign once and for all.

Blatter soldiered on until the 21st of December when a FIFA ethics committee (yes, FIFA actually has such as thing) banned both Blatter and Platini from football for 8 years and that in a nutshell was a year in the life of FIFA’s president.

Jose Mourinho


Staying with football for our last name on the list – Jose ‘the Special one’ Mourinho. Jose Mourinho was the manager of Chelsea football club before he was sacked in December.

The year got off to a terrible start for Mourinho when his side were thrashed 5- 3 by Tottenham Hotspur on New Year’s day 2015. Things improved considerably after that and he led Chelsea to victory in the Captial One Cup and winners of the Barclays Premiership League title.

Fast forward to August and Jose’s team started their title defence against against Swansea, the game ended in a 2 all draw but it was overshadowed by a very public rant from Mourinho criticising the team doctor Eva Carneiro for rushing on to the field to give treatment to Eden Hazard.

Things deteriorated quite rapidly from there on and after losing 9 of the first 16 league matches, Chelsea’s Billionaire owner Roman Abramovich had seen enough and gave Jose his marching orders.

Perhaps things aren’t that bad for Jose as he is reportedly still being paid his 163,000 pounds a week salary until he finds a new job. What is a concern for the man whose ego is the size of a small country is the fact that he is now being shackled with a tag of a manager who only lasts 2 or 3 seasons at a club before it all starts going Pete Tong. With this in mind, Mourinho grabs a place on the list as us here at NineStein HQ feel that his golden era was stolen in 2015.


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