9 Amazing Underwater Discoveries You Have to See!

Just what does the murky deep blue hold? Nobody knows!

It’s been said that we know more about outer space than we know about the earth’s oceans, and after creating this list post, we’d say that’s probably true.

The oceans hold many unrevealed secrets about history from tons of undiscovered treasure to entire mountain ranges and lost civilizations.

Due to technological limitations it’s almost impossible for humankind to fully explore the wonders of the deep. Luckily, thanks to your faithful word-slaves at Ninestein, you don’t need to create your own deep-ocean submarine to explore what lies beneath the tide.

We’ve done the hard work for you, and it is with a humble sense of bewilderment and awe that we bring you:

9 Amazing Underwater Wonders

(1) Stonehenge at the Bottom of Lake Michigan


All over the world there are versions of Stonehenge, hinting that at some point in the past man may have practiced one all-encompassing belief system.

As if Stonehenge and the like are not interesting enough, what do researchers do when they find one at the bottom of one of the largest lakes in the USA?

They do what they always do – scratch their heads with the end of a pencil and form a new theory.

Underwater wonder number one is hugely impressive. Just what does this mean? Was Lake Michigan at one point a vast and open meadow where ancient humans worshiped the sun and moon?

What would that mean for the version of history we’re taught at school? We can’t say – but it certainly raises a few questions What makes it even more stunning is the fact that researchers discovered a carving in one of the stones of an animal –  that went extinct over 10,000 years ago!

(2) The Underwater Forest – Kazakhstan


If ancient monuments which call into question known history aren’t enough to amaze you, how about an entire underwater forest?

Just such an amazing sight can be found in none other than Kazakhstan.

The underwater forest is now a popular tourist spot, and a trip to Lake Kaindy where it’s located is on many Central Asian travelers to-do list.

It may not be hugely mysterious, but it sure is beautiful, don’t you think?

(3) Chariot in the Red sea


We’re bout to get Biblical up in this BIIIAAAATTTTTCCCHHH!

No seriously…why is there an ancient chariot at the bottom of the Red Sea?

We won’t say much about this. Moving along…

(3) The Pyramids of….Cuba


When I say the word “pyramid”, 90% of the earth’s population will automatically think “Egypt”. Some more worldly people will also think “Mexico”, yet virtually nobody will think “Oh yeah… Cuba..just off the coast at the bottom of the ocean, about a mile deep!”

Yet in 2001 that’s exactly what underwater explorers found. With more and more pyramid sites popping up all over the world, we’ve got to start asking some very serious questions about our version of human history soon.

How did these get here, and what does it mean for humanity? We’ll leave that for you to think about more, but we’d love to hear your theory.

(4) An Entire French Town…In Miniature


Yes, you read that correctly. 30 metres below the ocean off the coast of the Cap D’Antibes (that’s in France for you geography superstars reading) lies an entire town complete with a cathedral, town square and amphitheatre.

The thing is, the whole thing is only about 1000 meters square.

Oh, and just incase you get into a dispute with a fellow scuba diver over who knows what, there’s also a lawyers office.

(5) Ancient Ruins in Egypt


You know Cleopatra? Yes, the saucy minx who captivated the heart of a Roman emperor and caused the course of history to change by the power of her vagina? That’s the one!

Well, it was thought that what remained of her royal headquarters had been lost in an earthquake and a tidal wave, and for 1600 years, that was just how the theory went.

That was until the age of Scuba diving allowed archeologists to rediscover some key elements of the royal HQ off the coast of Alexandria.

It’s pretty amazing to think that these artifacts played such a major role in history, and that they were lost for so long.

We wonder what went on in this palace when it was above water?

Moving on….

(6) Yonaguni Ruins – Japan


Type “Lost civilisation refound” into Google and you will find endless entries by people who have smoked way too much crack claiming they have rediscovered Atlantis.

While we keep an open mind to the existence of Atlantis, sadly, it has not been found yet. What has been found, however, and has all the evidence anyone could ask for to back it up, is an ancient set of ruins, off the Southern Coast coast of Yonaguni Island, Japan.

Was this some ancient, lost civilization which got washed away by rising tides? Japan used to believe that because they had never been flooded in their history, as the Western religions taught the whole world had been, that they somehow must have been selected or chosen by the gods for a special purpose.

Yet clearly at least one ancient civilization perished at the hand of the ocean. Yonaguni is thought to be around 10,000 years old and nobody can really explain it.

What else lies beneath the surface, even deeper still? Keep reading…

(7) The Ruins of Pavlopetri – Greece


The Greeks used to be pretty much the rulers of the known world and were the founders of what we now know as civilization.

So, it’s not surprising that ancient cities and ruins exist in such a place. What is surprising is when they pop up under the ocean and there’s no record of what happened.

Yet that’s exactly the case when it comes to Pavlopetri. An underwater dive site which allows divers to explore ancient ruins thought to be around 5000 years old.

What happened that caused this place to be consumed by the sea? We’ll leave that one to your imagination!

(8) The Ocean Under the Ocean – East Asia


Yes, it’s confirmed, there is an ocean bigger than the Arctic ocean under the ocean in East Asia.

After you get your head around that, think about what that means for our current thoughts on the earth’s make -up and what it’s core contains.

Could there be life down there that’s totally undiscovered? New species of fish? New forms of life we don’t even know exist?

It boggles the mind to think….we highly doubt anybody will be finding out, anytime soon!

(9) The Biggest Mountain Range on Earth – Everywhere!


You thought the Himalayas were big? Think again!

The Mid-Ocean range is a series of mountains and valleys which quite literally crisscrosses the entire earth.

These huge peaks and deep valleys come into being when the earth’s tectonic plates move and force magma upwards.

The mid-ocean range spans over 40,000 miles around the earth, all entirely under the water!

What’s down there? Who knows! Probably not much of human value, but it’s always worth it to explore an unknown mystery, don’t you think?!

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