9 Weird Anomalies in the Child Abduction Case of Madeleine McCann

There’s nothing in this world more harrowing than a child abduction.

As all parents know, our precious little ones are a gift, and even the thought of something bad happening to them sends shivers down our spines and strikes terror in our hearts.

The idea of them being abducted by sexual predators is simply unimaginable and so shocking that we automatically blank it out.

Yet, in the case of Kate and Gerry McCann, British holidaymakers in Portugal, the nightmare became a reality, and their daughter Madeleine was snatched from her bed where she slept, never to be seen again.

Or was she?

While the case of Madeleine McCann is known all over Europe, and many people around the world know of it, not so many know of the strange anomalies and weirdness surrounding the case.

While we at Ninestein have absolutely zero idea what happened to the beautiful little girl in the picture above, we do know one thing for sure – there’s something very fishy about this case, and we smell a rat!

Let’s take a look at 9 of the strangest facts about this case. As you read, you’ll come away with more questions than you started with, and you’ll come to the conclusion that in the case of Madeleine McCann, something very sinister happened, but it almost certainly is not what it seems. Is Madeleine McCann dead? Or was she taken by an abductor? You make your own mind up…

9 Strange Occurrences in the Maddie McCann Case

(1) Kate McCann’s Immediate Reaction


What’s the first thing you do when you come home from dinner and discover your child isn’t in bed?

You start looking, right?

Well, Kate McCann had a different idea. She ran into the restaurant of the area she was in howling “They’ve taken her!”

Strange, isn’t it? How would someone draw that conclusion before searching the area and ruling out the other possibilities? Who was she referring to when she said “they”, and why would a person behave like this, when parental instinct would tell you to look for the child first, and come to conclusions later?

We know that fear and panic can cause us to behave in illogical ways, but this first point is highly suspicious. The next time your child hides under the bed or plays a game with you, see if your mind automatically jumps to a paedophile gang abducting him or her, causing you to run into the street screaming.

It won’t happen. It’s simply not a normal or even likely way to behave.

Alone, this is not enough to cast doubt and suspicion, but taken together with some of the evidence you’ll read about in a moment, it’s deeply disturbing indeed.

(2) Refusing to Assist the Authorities


What’s the first thing you’d do if your child was missing and the cops had a series of questions for you?

You’d answer every single question in as much detail as possible, right? Just in case there was a slight possibility that a trained detective might be able to pick up on a  clue and piece something together that you’d missed, correct?

Not so in the case of Kate McCann. The mother in distress refused to answer all 48 official police question, and both of the parents failed to attend the police reconstruction of events.

Hmmmm….is there a dead fish behind the sofa, Sherlock? No – it’s the case that stinks!

(3) Leaving the Other Kids at the Creche


Now, imagine this: your beloved daughter has been abducted, you’re in a holiday resort and anybody could be responsible, and your head is absolutely spinning with panic, anxiety and confusion.

What do you do next? Leave your other kids at the resort creche, out of your sight?

We didn’t think so. Yet that’s exactly what the McCann’s and their holiday friends did.

Does this seem like something concerned parents would do within hours of their loving daughter having been abducted? Come on! Let’s use a little common sense here, shall we?

(4) DNA Evidence


Human judgement is often in error and our behaviour can be irrational at best, but science doesn’t lie.

DNA samples taken from the back of the hire care the McCann’s had 24 days after their daughter’s disappearance are an exact match for Maddie.

As if this isn’t enough evidence on its own, trained police sniffer dogs  responded positively to several locations around the apartment, and to the car boot (trunk) itself.

This is getting weirder by the moment…isn’t it?

(5) No Evidence of an Entry/Abduction


You’d think that if someone had forced their way into an apartment, picked up a little girl while she was sleeping, exited said apartment and vanished on foot with said girl, they’d leave at least a trace of their existence.

Say…I dunno..a hair, a fingerprint, a strand of DNA perhaps or even a sign that the apartment had been broken into like a tool having been used on a window shutter or a door having been forced open.

Even one of these things, alone, would lend extreme credibility to the McCann’s theory that their daughter was abducted.

Yet, not a single strand of DNA, trace of blood, fingerprint or sign of forced entry was found anywhere near the apartment.

The sound of silence is often loudest, and in this case, it’s deafening!

(6) Best Sighting of Potential Abduction Ignored


When one person sees a thing, it can be cast into doubt. When an entire family sees a thing, it’s a little harder to say it didn’t happen.

Yet on the very night Madeline McCann was abducted, just a few minutes before Kate McCann ran howling into the streets, from a vantage point just 250 metres from the apartment,  with a restaurant receipt to prove they were there at the time of the sighting, the Smith family claim to have seen a man carrying a child away, and have been totally ignored by the concerned McCanns.

This sighting got zero media coverage, zero attention, and was not announced at a press conference, despite being totally consistent under police prodding.

The problem? Well, the man the family described fits Gerry McCann – right down to the buttons on his trousers.

Worse yet, the description of the child matches Madeleine!

This is suspicious enough, but when taken together with the relentless promotion of the ‘Tanner Sighting’, a supposed witness account with more holes in it than a Swiss cheese, it becomes a little more than suspicious.

Why promote the hell out of a flawed account which is totally and irrevocably incorrect, while ignoring a solid, consistent and verifiable lead?

Hmmmm…. where might that lead, lead?

(7) The Money


For those who don’t know, this case was one of the biggest things to happen in Britain for decades at the time. The concerned public raised MILLIONS to help the McCann’s find their daughter, and yet, to no avail.

The McCann’s did find good use for the money though. They were able to pay off their mortgage, and yet still charge people for printing off posters to help find their beloved daughter.

Seems a little strange, no? Wouldn’t a concerned and distraught parent do just the opposite, like sell their home and use the proceeds to print free posters for the public to distribute?

Strange indeed.

(8) When the Trail says Go Left – We go Right


There are two times at least when the McCanns behaved in extremely odd ways in cases were credible sightings of their daughter had occurred.

First, there were the fourteen possible sightings in Malta. Fourteen! Now what would you do if fourteen people reported they’d seen your daughter in a country? It might involve getting on a plane to that exact spot and joining in the search, right?

Not for the McCanns. They went to Germany instead. Weird, that.

The second is yet more shocking, still. In what is widely considered to be the most credible sighting of Maddie in the history of the case, in which she was seen in Belgium by a registered child therapist, which was considered so credible that the police dispatched a forensics team to investigate, the McCanns decided it as time to go and have a look in Huelva, Spain!

What is with these two going left when the sightings say go right?

(9) A Key Cop Says it was a Coverup


What does it mean when the very people, who are trained experts at finding missing people and sifting through evidence, who you have turned to for help actively turn around and accuse you of engaging in a coverup?

Well, we’ll let you, the reader, be the judge of that.

While nobody can say for sure that there was a coverup on the part of the McCann family, one of the cops working the case at the time certainly thought so, to the extent that he wrote a book about it and went on TV claiming a coverup had occurred.

While it’s entirely possible that he saw dollar signs (or Euro signs in his case) and went with it, is it really likely when taken together with the rest of the suspicious clues here?


Almost a decade later, nobody knows what happened to Maddie for sure.

We’d never dream of jumping to conclusions and making accusations in such a case, but after researching this topic and asking some very simple, logical questions, we’re left with a sickening feeling in our guts.

What happened to beautiful Maddie on May 3rd, 2007 may never be known. Theories abound, but the smoking gun is missing.

We do know one thing for certain, however, and that’s that something doesn’t add up here, and a lot more questions need to be answered by people closer to the case.

Do you have a Madeleine McCann update or theory? Please share in the comments below.


106 thoughts on “9 Weird Anomalies in the Child Abduction Case of Madeleine McCann

  1. If I had the time or inclination I’d go through every point raised in this blog and blow it to pieces.

    Whoever you are (are you involved in the abduction) you have failed miserably because there are so many glaring errors in these 9 anomalies as you call them.

    One of them is the Goncalo Amaral misinformation pertaining to an exact match in the boot of the hire car. This is an out & out lie, so please try getting your facts right.


    1. Mrs pam, you better read the police files, this story is a scam, there wasn’t an abduction, the parents with the help of VIP people covered up the truth, Maddie died in the apartment as the dogs have indicated, the dogs also indicated that she was transported in the boot of the rented car.
      If you don’t inform yourself about the FACTS, like all the lies and contradictions the Mcliars and Tapas 7 have gone into since day 1, you may publicly be defending these 2 and the scam fund! So be careful! The truth will come up soon…

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      1. We totally agree with you Patricia, just hope the truth about the Macanns will one day be found. My Dad was treated by Mr Macann at the Glenfield Hospital & never once was he sad, my Dad was staggered at just how happy he was. Something terribly wrong.


      2. To Patricia Pereira who I assume has written this article about the nine anomalies. There are, as I am sure you aware, a few more. I will mention two of them.
        1. The car hired by the McCanns, which the police believe was used to transport Madeleine’s corpse, was the only car from a choice of 11 cars that the cadaver dogs reacted to. A couple of of weeks after the “abduction” they used it to drive to Huelva in Spain some 50 kilometres over the border. The McCanns claimed they made the trip to promote & keep Madeleine’s profile high, yet they met no Spanish dignitaries. Their main spokesperson Clarence Mitchell claimed the trip was made “in the full glare of the press & publicity” yet he mentions no names of reporters etc. or anyone they may have met. The travel time took a couple of hours longer than it should have & the cars “milometer” also showed they had travelled further than the distance to Huelva. The McCanns never explained why!.
        2. The McCanns had “wiped” their mobile phones & deleted whoever they spoke to at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance. Do innocent people do that? I don’t think so!.
        All of the anomalies you mention & the two I have given could have been disregarded if they had not been supported by the evidence from the cadaver dogs because, UNLIKE HUMAN BEINGS, dogs may not speak but neither do they lie.
        Logic tells me the McCanns must be guilty of a cover-up.


    2. Old Pam, lol, one desperate attempt at damage control. Please give us your version of your ‘facts’. Try as you might, the truth can never stay hidden. This post describes what millions over the world agree with. There simply could NOT have been an abduction. SY have admitted that MM may not have left the apartment alive. You are farting against thunder Pam. We are just waiting patiently for one or more of the T9/10 to come forward and spill the beans. Pam it is disgusting the way yoy are trying to deny justice for MM. Sad!


      1. Paid shill who does nothing but monitor the internet and posts like the above. She’s everywhere. No idea how she gets there so fast. Weird


    3. Take your blind fold off lady and read the facts….the McCanns have lied and changed their story over and over…..I live in Luz and we the people of Luz saw how they the McCanns spent their days after little Maddie went missing; not once did they look for her; I could go on & on, but all I can say is; lady you need to read the files…END OF !!!


      1. E eruthing that has been said here I totally agree with. From day one I thought and felt they were guilty. Their behaviour was ridiculous. I was frantic when my puppy disappeared and spent hours looking for him. If I lost a child I woukd never give up looking. They are guilty as he’ll x


      1. it was on the portuguese news.maybe on the uk news it wasnt cuz you cleary dont wana put the blame on the british parents but on the portuguese people..


    4. Blow it to pieces then, Madeleine deserves some “inclination”, but you do not have the time? Then why keep “jumping” on everything & everyone who does not believe in the “abduction theory” for that is what it is, there is absolutely zero evidence of any “abduction”, so if you know otherwise then please use your time & inclination to help find Madeleine!

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    5. Dont think so pam guerney, you have obviously had your head under the sand for 9 years, everything above is true, and since you haven’t got your site to debate anymore ( deflect from the truth) you have plenty of time now to pull these “facts” apart, i will leave it with you then….


    6. Pam Gurney, what a shock. Any evidence on this so called abduction yet? You deny everything yet prove nothing. McCann pawn, was the shutters being jemmied open an ‘out and out lie’ as you put it. Were the sniffer dogs an out and out lie? Was Kate refusing to answer questions a lie? Has there ever been a shred of proof of an abduction? Convincing no one with your pathetic attempted spin.


    7. Regarding the DNA in the car; 15 markers out of 19 matched Madeleine’s DNA profile. It was not really a perfect match, but inclusive, thus containing DNA from other unknown persons. The DNA profile could either be Madeleine’s or somebody else’s, who matched Madeleine by chance, but it did not match any other in the McCann family. So it is likely that it was Madeleine’s DNA, that was found in the car.

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    8. You’re the only person that supports the idea that madeleine was abducted, at the time it happened I immediately thought the same. The evidence points to nothing like that happening and more so is how the Mccanns reacted and continued to act after, they are not looking for her and seems as though they never did, maybe because they know she isn’t out there.

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      1. Richard – Well said! To many, that’s the smoking gun – if the glove doesn’t fit, you’re full of shit.


    9. nope! the two of them sat in the so called “back garden” Maddie heard them and peeked through the open window and tumbled out hurting and killing herself. Possibly broken neck, coming down head first. Cut on the head” etc coz no=one ever saw her again. The two k&g rushed, picked her up and ran up the stairs. It was too late she was dead. They rushed around from sofa to sofa, getting gerrys bag, stuffing her in there. hiding it in the cupboard. Throwing their arses in the air when the detectives came was to keep attention with them. Afterward they took their time to hide maddy. the pigs came back 24 days later. Rented a car, scraped the little rotten bodily remains together, they were used to decomposing bodies and got rid of the little that was left. Check out how much bodily remains can be left after so many days. Her beautiful hair and her teeth THEY ARE GUILTY AS HELL I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND HOW ON EARTH MADELINE MC CANN AND JONEBET RAMSEY GOT WICKEDLY KILLED …AND NO BLAME – SHAME


      1. Although I think they were involved I can’t fathom how they could hide the body using the rental car because by then they were being watched 24/7. Surely they would not have risked moving her when they knew they were being watched.


    10. Pamela Gurney I have to correct you There was actually a very good match in the DNA tests 15 markers , problem is that for a prosecution in Portugal 19 markers are needed which is why they where not charged , but funny thing is in the uk only 15 DNA markers are required for a prosecution , so under UK law it is a 100% match but not in Portugal where the DNA law is different


      1. I thought Gerry might of had something to do with it and had help from his friend to move Madeleine as one friend wasn’t at dinner as stayed in appartment cos of poorly child. Was friends apartments checked? But would parents really do that it’s very hard to believe and I’d like to think they wouldn’t.


    11. Go Pamela, please find the time , it is so important to portray all 3 sides of every situation, the 3rd being the Truth……….


      1. problem is they have convinced themselves now, nearly 10 yrs on, that they didnt hide, drown or cremate her body that they will have a calm line, believing their own lies. But I believe there was no abduction.


    12. You couldnt blow it to bits pam….You cant have people changing stories pam…Thats just a few points about the mccanns….Theres sooooo many more…Just because you dont have the vision and mind to see it…Doesnt mean others cant…You dont know much about human behavior…I dont know what happened to that little girl…But to rule out the parents is Naive.


    13. The blood and fluids tested were tested by Leicestershire police and while the sample in the boot was only 15/19 match( good enough to convict in the U.K.) , the samples from behind the sofa was in fact a complete match to maddie Strangely the results and samples have now been lost accidentally !!!


    14. McCann DNA was scraped up from Apt 5A after the cadaver dog alerted to it. How exactly can you spin that Gurney? That DNA might not definitely have been Madeleines DNA, but it was definitely from her family lineage. How do YOU explain it being recovered ONLY by a cadaver dog? The dog smelled dead body, & McCann DNA was subsequently recovered, right? Right.

      There is no other explanation for the recovery of McCann DNA from a cadaver dog swab, than a fatality in the McCann family. If a cadaver dog alerted to an area from which McCann DNA was recovered & only one McCann has been “missing” for the last ten years, it’s 1000% pretty damned obvious to anyone but you to whom that DNA located by a cadaver dog belonged, isn’t it?

      Madeleine is dead, & YOU are an apologist for infanticide Gurney. The truth is coming for you, it’s got a long memory & even longer teeth.


    15. Pam guerney you are paid to protect the mccanns everyone knows this, you have a group with over a 1000k members and yet you are the only one who posts, you have hundreds of fake acounts and try to get people to read your mis-translated files.
      You know madeleine mccann is dead you know she died in apt5a pdl por tubal you know the parents got rid of her body
      We know the parents transpopted her dead body in the hire car 23 days after maddie was reported missing, she wasn’t abducted as there was not one scrap of evidence to support it nothing zilch,
      We just don’t know how she died but the blood splatter behind the sofa in apt5a looks like she fell or maybe someone tried cpr on her.
      And Amaral was on to them, he never got sacked he wrote a book about it all, the mccanns are protected by our government and they treat the pj appallingly, so pam stop telling lies you look very silly and stop insulting people who tell the truth.


    16. These are silly remarks to make. There is no evidence the parents are anything other than culpable and guilty. You can’t blow any facts to pieces.


      1. Ok…. Where’s your research and facts??? Show us… Until then your comments are useless uninformed rubbish . Secondly proof to us dhe was abducted… I dare you. Waiting … Still waiting…


    1. Frances she or he is so delusional, the statements from them all, as you know, contains more fissures and seasonal shifts than Mount Everest. The best form of defence in their case, is attack !


  2. Regarding the point 1) Kate’s immediate reaction, please amend this article to point out that Kate also left her other 2 younger twins at risk in the apartment in their cots when she raised the alarm. Couldn’t the abductor still be around?….
    Please also note that the twins remained ‘asleep’ throughout the alarm being raised, the apartment lights going on and police and other people all searching and throughout the entire commotion going on. They were then moved (still sleeping its seems) to another apartment. Kate admits that she checked they were breathing periodically, but did not alert this to anyone a the time. As a concerned parent (DOCTOR) wouldn’t you alert the authorities to this, if you suspected your other children had been sedated?


  3. Something strange is going on here….1st and foremost …..what type of parent and these two were doctors…. leaves there 5year old child alone with two younger children in a apartment in a strange country while you go for dinner….. not any parent I have asked would do this in this country


      1. Madeleine (to give her the courtesy of using her name) was just nine days shy of her fourth birthday. There’s a big difference between a three year old and an almost four year old.


  4. Pamela, you cannot “blow every single point out of the water”. Most of the points made in are spot-on and accurate. Indeed, objective and fact-based research into the evidence will show that there are many more points that could have been made, with some more damning than the nine mentioned. The DNA issue is, however, one that you are correct on (presumably that’s why that one is the one you presented). People get confused between y-chromosome DNA (which is unique to individuals/identical twins) and mitochondrial DNA which is far less specific and not specific to an individual. The DNA was a mitochondrial match but not a y-chromosome match… However the bizarre thing is that no DNA was/is conclusively known to be Madeleine’s and so there was/is nothing to match the samples found to. Anyway, I’d refer readers to Eddie and Keela, (the dogs briefly mentioned in the article), then to the Gaspar Statements, and then to track down Richard Hall’s YouTube documentary titled “Buried by Mainstream Media”. People can then make up their own minds as to whether or not it is appropriate to expect the parents to formally be charged and answer the charges. If they’re innocent then they have nothing to fear and no need to keep using the services of Carter Ruck, the world’s foremost libel lawyers, to suppress certain people… Such as the Portuguese detective Dr. Amaral. That’s surely fair, isn’t it?


    1. Y chromo|some
      (in humans and other mammals) a sex chromosome which is normally present only in male cells, which are designated XY. Compare with X chromosome.

      DNA is a helix created by a unique combination of four proteins – Adenine, Guanine, Thymine and Cytosine. We inherit half from each parent. In paternity tests, a section of DNA is taken from each parent and the child and comparisons are made between the three to eliminate the mother’s sequence and allow them to compare with the father. I know this because my ex had our daughter tested. He was convinced that she only had 9 ‘bits’ of him because the section they chose contained that amount of corresponding proteins that weren’t mine. The only time a sequence will be repeated is in the case of identical siblings. Mitochondrial DNA is taken from the mitochondria of a cell and is inherited from our mothers. If a y chromosome is found then you can be almost positive that the person it came from is male in gender. Some male babies have an adverse reaction to testosterone and develop female features and genitals, but their genetic fingerprint is still XY.
      What was used in Madeleine’s case was low copy DNA.



  5. There would NOT be so many glaring errors if the McCann’s had been as ready to answer questions as they were to take money off people. For a start what has Gerry to say about the Gasper’s statements? Since this was the turning point against the McCann’s for so many people why are they silent on the issue!

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  6. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows there is more to this than meets the eye! I’m not saying that any of the above is true or the McCanns had anything to with their daughters appearance, but it definitely stinks! Everybody I’ve ever spoke to about this thinks the same!


  7. Errors..They didn’t pay off their mortgage 2 payments were made in July and August amounting to £4.000 this stopped when they were made suspects.

    There wasn’t a full dna match but that’s questionable when you consider Gordon Brown’s visit to the Fss and the first reports by sky news there was a full match. But we have 15/19 markers 4 degraded Portugal needs all 19

    It’s so obvious the McCann’s are guilty it’s sickening to see but even more sickening is the money they’ve made marketing her
    Hopefully one day Madeleine McCann will rip bless her.


  8. They killed her covered it up end of poor little girl!!! Her patents will get what’s coming to them!! Sick bastards!! Karma’s a bitch!!!!!!


  9. I personally think that as they are both doctors, they gave a sedative to all three children and Maddie either had a fit and died or died due to an accident but at the hands of one or both of her parents. Gerry obviously found her and exited the apartment with her (hence the witnesses stating that a man matching Gerry’s description was seen carrying Maddie), must have put her in the back of the car and disposed of her body. Mrs McCann obviously knew about it and decided to continue covering up for Gerry as it may have been her who gave Maddie the sedative. Refusing to answer questions and cooperate with the police is the biggest red flag ever as any parent whose child has been ‘abducted’ would go straight to the police for help unless they had something to hide. Their Tapas friends are obviously duped by the McCanns into believing they had nothing to do with it. Dogs sniffing the boot and places in the apartment do not lie as they are specially trained for this, I am thinking they maybe cadaver dogs and would have signalled to their trainer if a corpse had been anywhere in the flat or car. I have always believed the McCanns are guilty and nothing has so far made me change my mind.


    1. This sounds plausible.( Lisa’s comment) Perhaps they sedated all 3 children, thinking it would let them sleep, whilst they went out for their meal etc. Then ,in a blizzard accident ,poor Madeleine had some sort of fit( allergic to the sedative!?)& chocked or something, & after realising what had happened, they have tried to cover it up, as they should have never given their children sedatives in the first place!!?? Not saying this is correct ,but it is a possibility!?


    2. Sorry this is nearly a year on but I have just started reading about the case again. I agree with your thinking. Not sure if this is fact, but I have read that they said they gave their children Calpol to help them sleep but, being doctors, they would know that Calpol is liquid paracetamol and does not cause drowsiness so, as you say, there is the possibility that the children were given something stronger which resulted in an accident to Maddie and then a subsequent cover up. If any young child was left unattended, had an accident and died while the parents were out enjoying themselves then there would be a huge backlash but even more so if it transpired that the young child was also sedated. If this is what might have happened to Madeleine then imagine the questions that would be raised as to who administered the sedative, where did the sedative come from, was it obtained ethically. Maybe careers were being protected. Maybe all the friends were doing the same and they are all protecting each other. We all have our theories but I do feel that there is something very odd about it all and I hope that one day the truth comes out.


  10. Likelihood is they have given all the children some sort of sedative or something along those lines to get them to sleep and stay asleep for most of the night at least, and madeleine has had a reaction to what they gave her or possibly been given to much and overdosed, either way the only way she left that apartment was carried out by one of her parents. The Mccanns are not looking for her and apparently never did, says it all!


  11. Pamela Gurney has proved herself time and time again to be a child abuse apologist. The woman has defended convicted child killers, and has also attacked Kerry Needham. I wonder if Kate and Gerry are proud of the woman who claims to watch social media for them on 6 screens. Mad bitch.

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  12. the fact they didn’t go search themselfs is odd the fact kate didn’t check the apartment first to look for her instead of running off to say she had gone is odd the fact she washed Maddie’s cuddley cat with her scent on it is odd Gerry said he felt as if someone was in the apartment when he went to check them but still left them is odd the fact they was laughing and joking days after Maddie went missing is odd the fact Kate refused to give answers to questions that could help is odd without all the evidence n DNA that points at them for parents who’s daughter as gone missing there behaviour seems to suggest they no what had already happened to her hence why they didn’t them self like a normal person would they didn’t search cos they no what they done and where she is


  13. the fact they didn’t go search themselfs is odd the fact kate didn’t check the apartment first to look for her instead of running off to say she had gone is odd the fact she washed Maddie’s cuddley cat with her scent on it is odd Gerry said he felt as if someone was in the apartment when he went to check them but still left them is odd the fact they was laughing and joking days after Maddie went missing is odd the fact Kate refused to give answers to questions that could help is odd without all the evidence n DNA that points at them for parents who’s daughter as gone missing there behaviour seems to suggest they no what had already happened to her hence why they didn’t them self like a normal person would they didn’t search cos they no what they done and where she is


  14. Nothing adds up here. These 2 are as guilty as Amanda Knox, and yet because they are middle class doctors their story was accepted without question. A few months after Maddie ‘went missing’ a girl called Shannon Matthews also went missing. Unlike the McCann’s she and her family lived on a low-end council estate. Money was donated and there was a search but a lot of people automatically assumed her mum had something to do with, being poor and rough.

    As it turned out she did have something to with it, and it was all a scam, but putting that aside its ridiculous how nobody got called out for questioning the Matthew family and assuming the worst of them, yet no one – least of all the papers – was allowed to even think about doing the same to the McCann’s.

    My guess is that they sedated their kids, something they’d done dozens of times before, but this time something went wrong – maybe they gave Maddie too much, maybe she didn’t wake up. Alternatively, maybe they came back to the apartment and she was still awake. They could’ve got mad with her, maybe they hit her. Maybe she simply had an accident and hit her head on something and they panicked – either because they thought they’d be suspects or because they’d been sedating her and traces would be found in her system. Maybe they had a plan all along to murder her for the money; doing it in a ‘sketchy’ foreign country where there would be barely any items with her scent, where it was legal to leave them alone and where police work differently (perhaps more lax) to police in Britain – plus their was a language barrier. Who knows. Either way, I highly doubt MM was abducted that night.


  15. Why carry the fact around with you if it was an accident or they killed her, i could nt carry the guilt around with me all these years. .. they should have the other two children taken off them, incase the same thing happens to them they are not fit to bring up children…. maybe one day the children wont want to know them anymore, i know i wouldnt

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  16. Maddie woke up the night b4 with her brother & asked her parents “where were u last night when Shaun & I were crying ” IMO mummy made sure it didn’t happen again Kate gave the kids a little more sedation so that their evening would run smoothly but it didn’t & maddie was dead, then the circus began …the stories were checked against timelines all written down on the back of maddies book they thought they had everything covered & the abduction was born confusing was set … To me it was like reading a script & all the actors were giving their part & the wheels set in motion … act one Kate screaming they’ve taken her !!! Who was she talking about ? the rest of the cast sprung into action & a pact of secrecy was promised … The one thing they couldn’t control was the audience ( police, tapas staff, the cleaner of the flat 5a & the general public ) & the ticket sales ( Donations from the public when through the roof !!!! ) but now after a 10yr run it’s time to bring the curtain down… IMO all of these ppl ( tapas 7 ) should be brought to the highest court in the UK & put on the stand … I can hear people saying it didn’t happen in the uk & I would agree but the mcCanns brought it to the Uk using our police, lawyers, even our prime ministers (4) & our media, to cover their disgusting act of depravity against their little innocent child 👶🏻 it’s the 10th anniversary of this little girls sole & all she wants is for her mummy & daddy to lay her to rest & stop using her as a cash cow for their celebrity life style … The final curtain is coming down & bringing our country’s reputation for truth & justice in tatters for all the world to see RIP Madeleine where ever you are I’m sure you will be in the arms of angels 👼


  17. I honestly believe that Madeliene didn’t die that night or she wasn’t abducted.
    I think she died earlier and that is why Russel went to their apartment to help concoct the abduction fiasco.
    The first discrepancy was how long he was there for 2 or 30 minutes.
    There are a lot of theories regarding what happened to her and some are very plausible but one thing is for certain is she died in that apartment.
    All the evidence points to it but to be honest there isn’t much that actually points the finger at them except their lies and discrepancies.
    When you listen to them they are very scripted and at times too accurate and at other times they conflict, Richard D Hall had one of their interviews analysed by a professional.
    He concluded that their answers were full of hidden confessions and to be honest when they are pointed out it makes a lot of sense.
    Anyone with any doubts that they may not be guilty of involvement at all should listen to Richard D Halls investigations into this .


    1. I believe Maddie died on the 1st of May and then disposed of on the 2nd May.

      Mrs Fenn heard a child crying ” Daddy Daddy ” was this really Kate after finding Maddie’s deceased body crying ” Maddie Maddie ” At the same time it is known that Kate was indeed in the apartment at the time of the crying incident, the phone records prove this, several calls were made in quick succession to an unknown person, which I believe could have been Gerry with an unknown mobile phone.


  18. I know this post is old but ive had to join just to add something.
    The 2 dogs that were used to search for Maddie are insured for £100,000 each !
    They have solved more than 200 crimes between them ?
    They have even found evidence in places that have been searched numerous times by police forensics ?
    YET….. Jerry stated they were useless and that when they signalled in the sitting room and parents room AND the hire care that a cadaver has been present there, that it means nothing,
    But afterwards he sought advice from a top layer regarding their findings ?
    These dogs don’t guess or lie just to get a scooby snack !


  19. If (almost) everyone on here thinks the McCann’s have questions to answer why has nobody reported them to the British Police?

    If the McCann’s got reported to the UK police (especially if by a lot of people) then the British Police would be duty bound to investigate the McCann’s specifically.

    And why not create one of those Parlimentary petitions to get our MP’s to discuss why the McCann’s have never answered to British Police?

    It seems strange to me that everyone on here seems to think the McCann’s are guilty, but nobody is doing anything to bring them to justice?


    1. Hi, I’ve been in written contact with the Met Police and the IPCC. I have written confirmation that the person in the IPCC who is responsible for the Met was made aware of my concerns (all evidence based, factual and with links and sources provided).

      I’ve written to my MP and to several national newspapers; all being given simple facts and corroboratable evidence relating to the case that contradict the ‘official’ story of stranger abduction on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.

      If you think a formal request to investigate a possible crime based on unemotional, cold, evidence means the ‘Establishment’ will simply investigate the report you are, with all due respect, quite naive.


  20. These Cretinous Absurd wastes of Good Air are needing Locked Up,Period.Gerry needs put in a jail with men.He,ll soon be squealing like a little Bitch.Pair of Scumbags


  21. the only way this case will be solved is as follows
    The mcanns to be questioned
    Why did she wash cuddle cat?
    Where is the blue sports bag ?
    Why was Gerry laughing .?
    Why did he play tennis instead of looking for his daughter?
    Why did they use the money kind people gave them to pay off their mortgage ?
    Why visit the Pope when they should have been searching plus other countries?
    There are many more questions to be answered and until the police get involved
    It will never be solved


  22. Just thinking about when each and every person was hunting high n low for Madeleine,These Two Criminals didnt do a Thing.Maybe they thought Better to steer clear just incase Gerries Morbid Profile stirred up someones memory and can or could identify him as the person carrying a little girl IE The Abductor.How these Cretins arent in prison,Beggars Belief.Using the Madeleine Fund to pay there Mortgage Lawyers PR people etc.What a Vile Despicable pair.Using the Madeleine Fund to keep themselves out of prison and living comfortable.Please Please open the case back up.They most certainly ARE NOT IN THE CLEAR!!!DOGS DONT LIE


    1. Hi, sorry. Sometimes it takes a while for our mods to approve comments. They should be visible now. Thanks for commenting.


  23. Gerald McCANN and Kate McCANN ARE GUILTY of more than desposing of the Body.Ive a Nose for These Things.My record is impeccable,Now were,s them Treats.The smell or should i say Stench is Unbearable everytime these two open there Mouths.Its called Excrimate.And its all the McCANNS talk.


  24. Ive looked over countless vdeo interviews of these two sub human species,And it never failed to amase me at just how Everything they say,They never ever not even once said a word of how they hope Madeleine is ok.They know she is no longer with the living.Gerard shows Dupers Delight Constantly.And that Skinny Horrible Thing he maintains is his Wife,The Supposed Mother of a child missing.They are more interested in spending the Maddie Fund on Mortgage Lawyers and everything else to maintain this false illusion that theyre doing it all for Madeleine.NO GERRY YOU BOTH ARE DOING EVERYTHING FOR ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY!!!TO KEEP everyone from truly finding out the truth and nothing but,And anyone who looks at Goncalo Amarals Evedince is a McCann hater etc.That Policeman was only doing his job Just like the Sniffer Dogs.You are a pair of Murderous Scumbags.And what goes around Comes Around.This will all catch up to you Both.Sooner Rather Than Later.And then and Only Then,Will You Both Face a life Unlike Anything You,ve Ever Imagined Could Be Hellish.I aswell as others hope and prey You Two Get What You Both More Than Deserve.


  25. WHY ARENT GERARD and Kathleen McCann Charged YET.This isnt justice thats been going on all these Years.Its a FARCE!!!GET THESE TWO UTTER CONTEMPTOUS HORRIBLE EXCUSES FOR HUMAN BEINGS CHARGED AND OFF OUR STREETS!!!


  26. Look facts or lies. There is one thing you all have missed. If maddie is alive there is a very frightened little girl out there. She will be 13 now and possibly still frightened. And maybe she feels let down by everyone.
    One thing. As a parent nothing nothing would stop me from looking for her if she was mine. I would not care how much it cost me. There are too many people out there saying this saying that. Who’s fault it is who’s to blame.
    Find her first make sure she is safe……then see who’s at fault.


    1. They are guilty! Analyze their statements and behaviours, in interviews when answering questions that make Gerry uncomfortable he squirms in his seat, tugs his ear or has even got up out his seat and tried to walk off. Why would he be showing signs of being untruthful? Kate can’t keep any eye contact she looks away or looks down. Their statements are rehearsed but at times change contradicting each other’s about small details. I have 3 children myself and I know in my heart if that was my child I would certainly not have behaved like Kate McCann. I would have been distraught probably to the point of a total mental breakdown. But to be fair I would not have put my children in that situation in the first place. I would never leave them unattended. I totally believe Madeleine died in that apartment accident or not I think Gerry found her and carried her to the beach. I think the Smith’s account has major importance. I think the trip to Huleva has major importance. Look at the place, it has so many channels of water next to it as well as a massive pier next to the river Odiel that can be accessed by vehicle to the very end. Why would one spend time trying to bury a child in daylight when no one is going to look in the water and search dogs are not going to go their either, the McCann s knew the search dogs were coming, it would be too risky to bury her on land where they could detect a scent and the time it would take to do so they didn’t have to prepare, how long would it take for a sports bag to sink from the end of a pier or off a bridge? Would be gone in seconds. It would take so much resource for them to search those waters but no one has even suspected that. That’s just my theory but I definitely agree that lies have been told and that in the end the truth will prevail. God Bless you Madeleine wherever you may be.


  27. I fully agree there was likely no abduction
    However, the two things that I find don’t quite fit are

    1 Gerry is hardly likely to casually carry the corpse of his daughter in full view through streets busy with people turning out of restaurants etc. when actually trying to conceal her body
    2 Regarding the blood in the rental car. 25-day old corpses definitely do not bleed

    It is unlikely a child would die from a fall from the sofa, more likely she was hiding from someone (Kate?) in the place most kids hide when frightened.

    Perhaps most bizarre of all was Kate’s apparent knowledge of pedos (‘straight away I knew they’d taken her’) in the area and yet still left her three kids alone in the apartment.


    1. They borrowed a double buggy from the resort to take the children to the Beach, but carried the twins. Maybe this Buggy was used to conceal Maddie’s body, until they got to the disposal site, which I believe was just a two minute walk from their apartment. If this was the method of transporting the body, it could also be a factor for contamination to the said car.


    2. Wrong, corpses do bleed! If death occurred less than ten hours before moving the corpse, the blood will not have coagulated and it may still leak out (if she had any cuts, gashes especially. I saw my uncle in the Chapel of rest and he was bleeding from the back of his neck.


  28. Given the nine anomalies you mention & the fact that the Portuguese police couldn’t find any evidence whatsoever in support of the McCann’s abduction claim there isn’t a shadow of doubt in my mind they have covered up their three year old daughter Madeline’s death. The most likely scenario is that she accidentally died of a sedative overdose or a lethal reaction to the drug she was given. The reasons for the cover up are obvious. As doctors their was a possibility their negligence would have caused them to be struck off by the medical council & they also might even have lost custody of their twins, so they had an awful lot to lose!. What I fail to understand is why they have had such support from the British press & even the government. The British press have largely covered up & not published the true facts about the case & even tried to portray the Portuguese police as incompetent. One newspaper called them a bunch of “sardine-munching idiots”. I have read the Portuguese chief of police report regarding this affair here on the Internet & thought it unbiased, very thorough & well reasoned. What is also despicable about this case is the amount of money that was donated into their “Find Madeleine” charity that has been used up in lawsuits. If the McCann’s had “come clean” from the outset you could have sympathised with them, but if Madeleine’s body is ever discovered now they will deserve everything they get!!!.


  29. This whole thing reminds me of the stephen king book “IT” Where only the children can see the evil and adults thru fear ignore everything and pretend it doesn’t exist. there are so many people who really don’t want to ask basic questions, and just think for one second that something isn’t right here. it would be for them to lose the last piece of innocence that they have. nobody is stupid enough to claim they know what happened there that night. but it’s clear to any free-thinking person that what happened there that night, doesn’t make sense. it dosesn’t add up. the behavour of the parents isn’t rational. maybe we will never know what happened to maddie. but people need to wake up from this disney pretence that they have created and we’re talking about a sizable amount of the population here. and start to ask real questions about this case. because it really doesn’t make sense.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. in 10 yrs no sign of maddie alive or dead something definatelyangief198 amiss only a phychic can tell where about time they called them in


  31. in 10 yrs no sign of maddie alive or dead something definately amiss only a phychic can tell where about time they called them in


  32. Ive read all the information available and its so obvious the mccanns are guilty I dont know how they have escaped justice this long (friends in high places maybe) BUT come judgment day they will get what is coming to them


  33. I came late to this case, had heard about it of course but assumed it was all above board and kosher. Now, having begun to read all the facts I simply cannot stop. Its just unbeleivable that the McCanns seem to be a protected species for some reason. Theres more than enough circumstantial evidence to convict them both but nothings happening. A concerted effort is needed to maybe get another petition started, one which will at least keep peoples disbelief in the public eye. Its what the McCanns do, they use publicity to keep the farcical abduction story going. No wonder they refuse lie detector tests. Watch the ‘body language’ and ‘statement analysis’ stuff and see how badly they both come out of them particularly Gerry McCann. The pair of them are now stuck on a merry go round where they have to keep going or else the truth will all come out. The lie is feeding itself now but sooner or later one of them (and I do think it will be Kate) will crack and all will be revealed. I’m not sure who riles me the most, Gerry with his smug smirks and twitching every time he’s asked a pertinent question or Kate when she goes into ‘grief mode’ and puts on a sad, mournfull face. Both as guilty as hell.


  34. Bent-Brit Doc Kate’s 1st line back with her Tapas bar 4 x fellow Brit Docs was NOT, a natural motherly , “OMG! Maddie’s missing!!” But a cold medical term used when a patient has DIED, “We’ve let her down!” (fell from high sofa, head hit hard floor – DEAD). That night bent-Brit Doc Gerry was seen carrying a small child to the harbour where a Brit boat sailed for the 1st time in 4-years to drop a heavy-weighted Maddie to the fishes – R.I.P. Check facts, join dots, go figger…


  35. Sicko Saville, and all the other pedo BBC lot, and others kept their dirty secret for years, but it came out in the end! Tick-tock!!


  36. My theory: She died by O/D/or an accident, in apartment 5A, before or on May 1st. It took them a day or 2 to come up with an alibi – “Let’s all go to the tapas bar on the 3rd, while there we arrange to have ‘X’ come and collect the body, (hidden at that time in the closet) and we’ll then raise the alarm to say she has been abducted”.

    Also: https://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t2248-robert-murat-s-role

    Murat’s role is as fishy as the whole ocean!


  37. Initially I felt enormous sympathy for the McCanns and believed what they said.
    Having seen the dogs picking out the car, the cadaver, blood and DNA forensic evidence.
    I cannot believe in an abduction.
    Also IF Madeleine said she and her brother crying, why leave them alone? This may be a lie to pretend that an alleged abductor had been present.
    There are too many facts that do not add up, despite the help of the odious Clarence Mitchell and all the costly litigation. Dr. Amarel theories seem in my opinion to be true.
    Pat Brown had her book removed for her sensible theories. Mr. McCann said he believes in free speech the evidence disputes this.
    When “sightings” of Madeleine are mentioned Mr. McCann smiles as if he knows that this is impossible. I may be wrong but I feel in light of the serious evidence that justice needs to be done and they need to be interviewed again.


  38. They need prosecuting. Lie detectors. No more public funding or help until they do a lie detector. If they refuse we must consider them suspects. It disgusts me. I wouldn’t leave my little girl anywhere for me to dine!!! I don’t leave her to nip to a shop or even take the bin to the end of the street if she’s in bed!!! Covering their assess is all this is about. Two posh tw#ts thought oh bit of sedation… Went wrong… Had to cover it up. Have some guts man up and admit to it. Take the blame and the punishment. Vile creatures.


  39. What i want to know is this.

    You’re a good friend of the family.

    Their child goes missing.

    You see a man crossing the road, carrying a child aaaaaaand…… you dont run after him to ask if he’s seen anything? Or atleast attempt to see if the kid is Madeleine (even it seems far fetched)?

    Sounds like more than just the parents are in on it!!!!


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