9 Reasons Donald Trump Should Never Become President

Here at 9Stein HQ, we admit that in the very beginning we found Donald Trump to be amusing and somewhat of a breath of fresh air in the otherwise rank and stagnant cesspool that is US politics today.

That being said, this man has now been nominated as the Republican presidential candidate, and we, among many others, feel that the joke is well and truly over.

You see, this isn’t a reality TV show we’re talking about – this is the most powerful position on planet earth. The president of the USA might as well be the president of the world, and we don’t think it’s a very good idea to elect somebody as utterly deluded and shifty as Donald Trump.

From multiple bankruptcies to a string of lies, to vulgar views on race and women, Donald Trump should never, ever set foot in the Whitehouse.

Here’s a list of 9 reasons to begin with. We’re sure you can think of plenty more!

1 – Trump’s Ignorance is Astounding – I caught on early in the debates that Donald was out of his depth when he failed to realize the meaning of the term ‘nuclear triad’ during a live debate. For reasons I will never understand, his rival Marco Rubio then pulled him out of that hole, and gave a well-defined definition of what the term means, before going on to outline why it needs to be under control, leaving Trump to escape the noose.

Since the president of the USA is by default its commander-in-chief, it would probably be a good idea if he or she knew what the hell they were talking about when it comes to the most dangerous element of US weaponry – nukes!

Trump can never be commander-in-chief because he is totally ill-informed on basic matters of national security and military issues.

2 – Trump’s Views on Women are Atrocious – The Donald takes things to a whole new level in the degradation and objectification of women when he makes statements like it not mattering what reporters write, as long as they’ve got a hot piece of ass, or  describing how he’d like to punch Rossie O’Donnell in her “fat, ugly face.”

Jeez Donald, don’t you think women might be slightly more than just how they look? I mean, everyone appreciates a beautiful lady, but we doubt that’s all there is to the female race worth talking about.

While Donald claims in one breath that he cherishes women, he claims in another that he might be open to dating his daughter if she weren’t his blood.

Not only is this creepy as hell, but shows that Donald’s views on women are outdated and defunct.

3 – Donald Trump is a Horrible Liar – Trump lies with the same ease as most of us breathe. He’s contradicted himself so many times it is cringeworthy, and he has claimed, among other things, that he is the definition of honesty and integrity, despite the New York Times claiming they have a tape recording of him stating that he intends to do very little of what he claims on the trail.

Trump is a master manipulator and lies more by omission than anything else. His claim that his earpiece malfunctioned when he failed to denounce David Duke and the KKK live on air is laughable and is a prime example of a bold-faced liar who will do anything to get into power.

4 – Donald Trump is Dangerous – It may have been obvious from the start and most were just so taken in by the show that they didn’t notice, but Donald Trump is very obviously a dangerous lunatic.

From threatening to spark a trade war with China, to dividing America along racial lines in extreme ways without yet even stepping into office, to saying he would consider withdrawing from NATO (you know the alliance whichhas kept us all safe since World War 2), to pissing off 1.2 billion of our fellow earthlings by threatening to ban them all from entering the USA, Trump is very obviously a threat to global stability and peace.

The man is dangerous, and there are no two ways about that.

5 – Donald Trump is Clueless about International Economics – Now, you might say I’m a little out of line here, being that Trump is a billionaire businessman and I’m writing list posts from my tiny office, but even those with a basic understanding of economics know that Trump has a massive problem understanding simple concepts like economic interconnectivity.


For you economics geniuses reading, that means that when you threaten to stop the free flow of capital between Mexico and the USA, you hurt the US economy, and when you threaten to spark a trade war with China by imposing tariffs on their goods and services, all while they hold $3 trillion in American bonds they could sell in a single evening and send the USD plunging into oblivion, YOU ARE AN EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO THE WORLD ECONOMY.

You’d think somebody who had so much money would actually have a clue how money works on the international stage.

Alas, Trump does not, and he may just be the end of ‘peace through trade’ and economic prosperity as we know it.

By the way, while we’re on this subject, bringing low paying manufacturing jobs back to America will at least triple the cost of everything you can currently buy which is manufactured overseas, leading to zero net gain for anyone, anywhere, and a very pissed off Chinese population.

6 – Donald Trump is Quite Possibly a Fraud – While Trump claims to be a master deal maker and all-round money magician worth billions of dollars, he will not release his tax returns to prove it.

A few people have called into question the actual worth of The Donald, and some of them claim it is a lot less than the billions he claims. He could, of course, settle it once and for all and just release his tax returns, but he won’t. Hmmmm……

Trump claims he is unfairly audited and targeted by the IRS, and that’s why he won’t release them. But could it be that the IRS bother him because he is full of shit and they know it?

Who knows, but Trump could simply end the debate tomorrow morning with one simple gesture, proving all of his naysayers wrong and gaining immense credibility in the process, yet he will not.

We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions on that one.

7 – Trump is a Racist – No matter what his apologists say , Trump is a bona fide, run of the mill racist pig. From claiming Mexican immigrants are rapists and drug dealers to delivering scathing remarks about Black Lives Matters protesters, it is clear for all to see that Donald Trump is as racist as they come.

Trump has failed to disavow the KKK live on camera, caused street riots in Chicago just by virtue of his presence there, and caused offense to people all over the world due to his crude, racially charged remarks. He’s certainly not the kind of guy you want going abroad to meet other people from other races, religions and traditions.

By the way, Donald, if you happen to read this, referring the ethnic groups by saying ‘the’ , has been very much out of date since about 1950. We don’t call them ‘the’ Chinese, ‘the’ Blacks, ‘the’ Mexicans because they are PEOPLE. We say ‘Chinese people’, ‘Black people’, ‘Mexican people’. Get it?

8 – Trump is a Conspiracy Theorist – Trump actually claimed, in all seriousness, that Barrack Obama was a Kenyan national and that he was not born in Hawaii, despite the fact that his birth certificate was indeed found, and it would be almost impossible to cover something of that magnitude up. You know, like, a reporter could just have gone there, talked to the people Obama grew up around (or didn’t in Trump’s view), and overthrown the president of the USA, breaking one of the biggest stories of all time.


You have to question the reasoning powers and judgment of someone who actually goes forward publicly with claims like this before fully investigating the facts. Trump was proven wrong here, and we’d hazard a guess that his insistence on the matter was something more to do with the color of Obama’s skin than any facts he’d unearthed about the matter.

9 – Trump Is Not Even Republican – You can always spot a power-hungry insaneo when they are willing to change positions on just about everything to get what they want. Donald Trump has changed his mind on just about every major issue from abortion to whether or not he actually is a democrat or republican, to whether or not he likes George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, all of whom he is literally on record saying he both very much likes and pretty much despises, to how to deal with Russia, to the future role of NATO, to just about every damned thing that matters.

And this is the biggest, and most damning problem with Donald Trump – the man does not know who he is or what he stands for, will literally say whatever is most beneficial to say at the time, and has no qualms about totally and absolutely contradicting himself on record, all the while claiming other candidates are liars and he’s the only honest man in the race. Either that, or he’s A LIAR.


Donald Trump Summary

Donald Trump is a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, to some extent he has already happened. The only real hope is that more people wake up from the spell he has cast on the fed up, tried, desperate and gullible, and send him back to designing hotels and launching golf courses where he belongs.

Donald J. Trump is not fit to become the next president of the United States of America, in virtue of being either a deliberate liar, or insane, no to mention his offensive, crude, contradictory and frightening character.

A vote for Trump is a vote for division, instability, racism, sexism, rampant nationalism and stupidity.

We at 9Stein only pray that a 3rd party candidate runs, or at least that Hillary Clinton, for all her faults, can hold Trump off in the race. At least she knows what she is doing, has some experience in the political sphere, and isn’t likely to show up at the United Nations and give a speech on how Muslims, Mexican and Chinese people are destroying America.


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