9 Amazing 3D Drawings by Ramon Bruin

There are some things which catch the eye and we have to take a second look just to double check whether what we are seeing is actually real or not.

The work of the wonderfully talented artist Ramon Bruin does just that.

Let’s see what you think. Here are Nine-stein’s top 9 drawings by Ramon Bruin – hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

The Twins


Keep still while I just finishing drawing your shoe, then you can get up.

The Argument


He started it! Some people will even argue with themselves for the sake of it. We like this piece because it is so relatable to life.

The Architects


The twins are back in action, this time putting the finishing touches to wonderful cathedral they and a friend are drawing.

Spider and the Chick


Did you have a closer look at the spider to confirm that it is actually a drawing? We did! And luckily for the chick that it is.

Skull and Butterflies


One of our favourites because it is so captivating. We at Nine-stein stared at this for ages simply in awe of its realistic qualities.

New Born Serpentism


What’s going on here? Another piece which had us transfixed for a period.

Keep Fishin’


This looks a more enjoyable form of fishing rather than being sat on a damp river bank, freezing half to death.

Creepy Crawly’s


Has Ramon become an entomologist? Fantastic detail in this drawing.

Chapter Z


Stopping for a quick drink. This looks a relatively simple piece compared to some of the others but it really jumps out at us.

What do you think? Which one is your favourite? We’d love to hear your thoughts so drop us a comment below.

Note: All the images used are the property of Ramon Bruin and they were taken from his online gallery at http://www.ramon-bruin.com/art/gallery2 . If you would like to buy a Ramon Bruin original, you can contact him here – http://www.ramon-bruin.com/art/contact


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