9 Reasons to Consider Gary Johnson for President in 2016

The 2016 American presidential race has morphed into something every sane person is tutting and shaking their heads at – a race between two people who the silent majority of Americans feel are both unfit for office.

People across the country are genuinely shaking their heads in disbelief and wondering ‘How did it come to this?’ For the first time in a very long time, it appears that most Americans are voting AGAINST a candidate, rather than FOR one.

Yet what many haven’t yet realized is that there is a third option – a sane, viable alternative. This isn’t some whack job running on fringe issues, but a sensible, down to earth, successful former governor who is both socially liberal and fiscally conservative, meaning he appeals to both Republicans and Democrats equally.

Who is this person? His name is Gary Johnson, and he is now slowly, but ever so surely, coming to be recognized as the only sane option in the 2016 presidential race. The kicker is, to be included in the debates and therefore to have any chance of being nationally recognized as an actual option (which would nearly ensure his victory given the disgust at both Clinton and Trump), Johnson needs to poll at 15% nationally – which isn’t easy when you have no corporate financial backers and are running outside the two-party monster.

Given that this election will largely decide the fate of the USA and therefore much of the world for probably the next several decades, we’ve decided to outline 9 reasons Americans should consider Gary Johnson for president in 2016.

1) He’s a Successful Two-Term Governor – It’s important that a candidate actually is qualified for the job he’s applying for, and Gary Johnson has a very impressive CV having served two terms as a Republican governor in New Mexico, a traditionally blue state. You don’t get elected for a second term unless you did a good job first time around, and you don’t get elected in a blue state as a Republican unless you have the ability to bring people together and forge deals which work for everyone. Which brings us to point two…

2) Gary Johnson Can Unify the Parties – As a libertarian, Gary is ‘socially liberal and fiscally conservative’, in his own words. That means that he can work with both sides, appeals in many ways to all kinds of voters, and can eventually hash out deals that meet somewhere in the middle. It’s undeniable that congress is gridlocked and in its most ineffective state in decades due to partisan politics, and it’s only going to get worse under either Clinton or Trump. Gary Johnson can fix that, and he has proven so by successfully serving as a Republican governor in a Democratic state for two terms.

3) Gary Believes in Radical Tax Reform – How would you feel if you reached the end of the month, checked your payslip, and found $0 beside your income tax deductions. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s exactly what Gary Johnson is proposing. He believes in ending income tax altogether, and instead imposing a flat consumption tax on goods and services. There are pros and cons to this, but one of the major pros to consider is that tax is then effectively unavoidable – those that have and spend great deals of money will pay tax at the point of purchase.

Now you might be tempted to think that such a radical proposal would mean an end to all the great government programs currently available. But you’d be wrong. Gary has a track record for actually helping people while serving in politics by implementing policy that reduced the debt students would incur, all while lowering taxes.

4) Gary is Himself Successful – Many people are voting for Donald Trump based on one single factor – he’s a billionaire, and they reason that he must know a thing or two about business and the economy to be able to pull off such a feat.

Trump may or may not be a billionaire, and we’ll have to wait and see his tax returns to find out. Gary Johnson certainly isn’t a billionaire, but he is a successful entrepreneur who has made millions in the construction industry. He knows a thing or two about business and has repeatedly called for a reduction in US debt accumulation, recognizing a financial catastrophe if the country continues on its current path.

Gary has also climbed Mount Everest. While this doesn’t necessarily qualify him for President of the United States, it does say a lot about his character work ethic.

5) Gary Johnson is Against International Warmongering/Interference – Now this is one that really interests most normal, concerned citizens of not just the US, but the entire planet. Most of us just want to live in peace and get on with life, and don’t want out taxes spent on toppling regimes in distant lands which then causes instability and chaos across the world.

Gary is adamantly opposed to interfering in the affairs of other countries using military might. He has an international affairs policy which can be basically summed up as ‘let’s mind our own business until someone threatens us’.

We’re willing to wager that the majority of Americans agree that this constant military madness across the world has to stop before World war III unfolds. Gary could be the man to restore sanity to international affairs.

6) Gary Treats People Like Adults – What one gets a sense of when listening to the rhetoric of most establishment politicians is that they think they know best and that their policies are superior and should be forced down the throats of everyone. For most thinking adults, this is sickening and offensive.

Gary is pro-choice on just about every issue. That means women choose what happens to their bodies, people can freely smoke marijuana without going to jail for lengthy stretches, and homosexuals may marry whoever they want.

While this may turn off some extreme right wing radicals who think everyone should live by their code and way of life, it will appeal to most moderate, sane Americans who believe in the freedom of choice.

By the way, Gary actually admits to having enjoyed marijuana, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the ‘I did not inhale’ type nonsense from Bill Clinton and the blatant lies and denials spouted by other politicians. Gary is honest about it, and that in itself is another reason to vote for him.

7) Gary Jonhson has No Super PACs and Major Financial Backers – One of the points Donald Trump just loves to talk about is the fact that he is beholden to nobody since he is self-financing his campaign. Like many things the Donald says, this isn’t entirely true, but nonetheless, it does appeal to many voters who are sick and tired of special interests and those who can clearly see that a long line of elected politicians at all levels have been basically bought and sold by big donors.

Gary Johnson genuinely has zero big donors backing him. In fact, he’s currently running a campaign on his Facebook page to try and muster $1.5 million to help him advertise enough to get on the debate stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

A politician who doesn’t have access to $1.5 mill? That speaks volumes in itself and is yet another reason to consider Gary for president.

8) Gary Johnson Walks his Talk – One of the most disturbing things about the two presidential candidates in 2016 is how often they have both changed their opinions and positions on key issues. It’s difficult to trust people who say one thing to one group and another thing to another group, and both Hillary and Donald have been caught red handed flip-flopping, changing their positions, and outright lying to garner votes.

Gary is the antithesis of this. He has spoken frankly many times about what he believes, and while willing to compromise, has not actually changed his fundamental position on very much at all. He’s a transparent guy who believes in reducing government, increasing liberty, reigning in spending, and pretty much keeping his nose out of other people’s business.

Try to find a single instance of Gary flip-flopping. Go ahead.

9) A Vote for Gary is a Vote FOR Someone – This is perhaps the best reason of all to consider voting for Gary Johnson. A vote for this man is a vote for something, and someone, most people can believe in, rather than a fear-based vote against an unpopular candidate.

Trump and Clinton are both working overtime to scare the living hell out of their voter bases, convincing them that the other candidate will bring about the end of America. Could it be that they both say that because it’s true of both of them? That’s a scary thought, but it may well be the case!

Polls have shown that neither candidate is trusted nor liked by the majority of Americans. That’s a sad state of affairs for what was once, and could still be, the greatest country on earth – a beacon of hope, liberty, and democracy for the rest of the world to try to aspire to.

Yet, such is the current state of affairs. A vote for Gary Johnson is the only way out of this cycle of fear and intimidation. It’s a vote for liberty, self-accountability, sane fiscal policy and the ideals America was actually founded upon.

Will you vote for America or will you vote for fear? Luckily, the choice is in your hands and even if Gary doesn’t actually win – at least you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror when all hell breaks loose under a Trump or Clinton administration.

That’s our list of 9 reasons to at least consider voting Gary Johnson in 2016. We’d love to hear more in the comments below!


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