Stephen Paddock Las Vegas Killer – Theories So Far

It’s been several days now since Stephen Paddock allegedly killed 58 people and injured hundreds more at the Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Yet, from the information coming out so far, investigators are no closer to figuring out why he did it than they were hours after the attack. All that’s really been established is that Paddock loved to gamble, had a Filipina girlfriend, was a wealthy investor, and owned many properties.

Everything else is literally a mystery – so far.

That’s doesn’t stop the internet coming up with its own theories, however, based on the evidence available to the public so far. We at Ninestein love nothing more than reading endless numbers of comments on blogs, news stories, and alternative websites, getting a glimpse into the ideas people come up with from all over the world.

So, after days of speculation and no real progress, here are several possible scenarios which might explain what the heck happened in Vegas.

It Was a Psychological Operation to Confiscate Guns

There’s no doubt that trust in government is at an all time low worldwide, and we have to be honest, we don’t trust them much either.

Some people believe that this was a massive ‘psyop’ or pre-planned attack by government agents to further the anti-gun agenda. Questions such as ‘Why, in a crowd of 20,000, most of which have cell phone cameras, are there no photos of bodies and actual gunshot wounds?’

This is a fair question, but based on what we have seen so far we think this is a bit of a stretch. Sure, the government are capable of some heinous things, but gunning down civilians at a concert to further the anti-gun agenda just doesn’t make that much sense given that investigators claim Paddock actually filmed himself doing the shooting, which would entirely rule out the idea he was a patsy.

We’ll see if that footage ever comes to light. For now, though, we think this is pretty unlikely.

Paddock Was a Member of AntiFA Trying to Ignite a Civil War

There are lots of rumours and some potential footage showing that Paddock was an anti-Trumper. This would explain the target (a country and western concert jam packed full of likely conservatives), but so far the evidence for this theory is pretty thin. It consists of:

The following footage that could be literally anyone with a grey goatee attending an anti-Trump rally.

The unconfirmed rumour that Paddock had AntiFA literature in his room.

Theorists claim that Paddock was attempting to create civil unrest in order to unseat Trump. This is definitely a possibility, but the evidence so far is literally wafer thin.

Paddock’s own brother and his live-in girlfriend both say they were not aware of any strong religious or political affiliations, making this theory even more unlikely.

Paddock was Radicalized by ISIS

ISIS were quick to claim Paddock as one of their own and even gave him a Jihadi name on Twitter. However, authorities say there is absolutely no evidence of this, and ISIS are desperate for attention since they have been virtually wiped off the map across the middle east.

Could Paddock have been radicalized through the internet? It’s definitely possible, but highly unlikely. His entire lifestyle is the exact opposite of what one might expect from a recently converted Muslim, and if he was visiting extremist website authorities would have discovered something by now since they confiscated everything in several of his homes.

Then again…if one did slip through the net, would they admit it?

Paddock Was Caught in an Arms Deal Gone Wrong

This is actually one of the more reasonable theories, given that it is simple, explains why the hell this old man had enough weapons to ward off a Russian invasion in his hotel suite, and fits with his mysterious, low-profile life.

If Paddock was some sort of criminal and was dealing arms to a terror group (unbeknownst to him, perhaps), he could easily have been whacked and set up while the real killers walked free.

Of course, if that video of him doing it really does exist, then this theory is dead in the water.

Paddock was an Intelligence Operative and Caught in a Mission Gone Wrong/Framed

There are definitely a few things sort of ‘James Bond’ about Stephen Paddock. He moved a lot, he had two planes, he led a mysterious life, and certainly anyone who could pull off what he did had some sort of training. This is all amplified by his mysterious girlfriend who holds multiple nationalities and identities.

Furthermore, there is a video of a taxi driver which many claim shows the muzzle fire of a second shooter on the fourth floor. Some have claimed this is merely a strobe light, but many are not buying that idea.

Here’s the footage so you can decide for yourself:

And some witnesses claiming shots were coming from the ground level:

Paddock Was a Lone Nut Who Pulled Off the Biggest Mass Killing in Modern American History

Now we come to the mainstream media’s theory, and that which the FBI are promoting so far.

There have been hints that Paddock may have had a little help from someone, but the theory so far is that he was the lone gunman.

Could it be possible that this man literally planned and executed this all by himself, including breaking hurricane proof windows, modifying guns, and rigging up a surveilance system so he knew when it was game over?

This is probably going to end up the official line, but it’s one most will reject. Why? Because it’s just too horrifying to accept. The mind balks that a total monster could be living next door, unbeknownst to anyone, ready to snap at any minute and rain hell down upon society.

We will wait for the evidence to come in before drawing any conclusions. Either way, Paddock is at the centre of all of this.

What do you think? Did Paddock act alone? What questions disturb you about this theory? Do you think something is being hidden? Let us know in the comments below!

You can donate to the victims of this unspeakable tragedy here:


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